volksbank vertical

ueberlingen, ger

Alongside a large bouldering gym and outdoor climbing area with speed-climbing wall, facilities at the German Alpine Club (DAV) clubhouse for the Überlingen section – of which one of the sponsors is Volksbank Überlingen – include a bistro, seminar and classrooms, as well as business offices. The goal was to create an appealing culture centre that offers a range of activities relating to sports, education and social interaction.

It was clear that CoMeet Meeting Chairs from Klöber would be the perfect choice for the modern bistro restaurant, a welcoming environment in which colleagues can mingle socially. You see, CoMeet stands for “Come and Meet”, and the chair’s a natural fit in any space, at any location and in any café. The WOOOM armchair is also perfect in the lounge, where it creates an inviting setting in which to chill out, relax or work. With these products, Klöber once again provides stylish sitting comfort – made am Bodensee – in Überlingen’s climbing centre.


Application: Rock-climbing and bouldering centre, bistro and lounge areas

Product: CoMeet, WOOOM

Location: Überlingen, Germany

Photos: Paul Meyer, Ravensburg