ventolines – sustainable energy forms

almere, nl

Ventolines is a Dutch company with key areas of expertise including wind parks on water and land, as well as solar energy. Since 2007, Ventolines has implemented more than a dozen successful projects involving these cutting-edge technologies in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia. 

New workstations for more than 40 employees from an international background have been furnished with Klöber Mera swivel chairs. Mera was a popular choice for the conference room with its generous proportions and comfortable volume as conference swivel chairs with a mesh back. The entire project has been fitted out with Klöber chairs – perfectly reflecting the complete range of services and solutions offered by Ventolines.

Use: Open-space office / conference/meeting room
Products: Mera visitor chair, Mera office chair
Town: Almere, Netherlands 
 Photos: Selma Rijkhoff, Amsterdam