julia sude, beach professional



Touring the world with beach volleyball player Julia

Join us on the road to success! This is Julia Sude. She’s a professional on the beach volleyball court and right up there with the world elite. Her current ambition is to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We’re helping her achieve this – as a sponsoring partner.

Why are we so well matched for this cooperation? Julia enjoys international success and originates from the Lake Constance region. Just like us. She knows that a healthy body is essential to guarantee success. And yes – even performance athletes sometimes sit at a desk. And in that very place it’s crucial not to sustain back injury through incorrect sitting!

Our business has another feature in common with top-level sport. We’re all giving our best day after day, delivering optimum performance as we follow our goals! Whilst we’re on the subject of performance: for the next two years, Julia will wear a Klöber cap for public appearances, and will share aspects of her life with us on social media. We’re following her training in Brazil and around the world, cheering her on from Lake Constance and keeping our fingers crossed that the Olympic dream will come true!
Join us #ontheroadtoparis.