paris, fr

Snetor is a plastics manufacturer operating on an international scale, offering a broad range of products including resins, polyethylene, elastomers and additives such as lubricants, oils and paints. Snetor reached a quick and clear decision when selecting seating for management-level offices at the headquarters in Courbevoie (Paris) – as a result of visiting the Klöber showroom in Owingen.

The outcome was that as of 2019 this space has been furnished with Klöber office and conference chairs: Ciello Meeting, Duera task chairs and Moteo Meeting. At Snetor, not only are they absolutely delighted with the whole package of advice and professional implementation they have received as customers, they also continue to be thrilled with the design, quality and ergonomics of Klöber’s products – made am Bodensee. These chairs now furnish the conference rooms and VIP suites, as well as offices for top-level management including the CEO, providing maximum sitting comfort for critical decision-makers in the plastics industry.

Application: Offices and conference areas at top management level

Product: Ciello, Duera and Moteo

Location: Paris, France