modern design, sustainable content

our new ecological balance sheets

At Klöber, it's not just about perfect seating, but also about our responsibility towards the environment. We are proud that our life cycle assessments not only have a new design in terms of content, but also visually. This reflects how we live sustainability in all facets of our company.

Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact go far beyond the products themselves. From the manufacturing process to the supply chain, we apply ecological principles. We minimize the use of virgin raw materials and maximize the use of high-quality recycled materials. Quality and durability are our top priorities, coupled with a strong sense of timeless design.

The new design of our life cycle assessments symbolizes our shift towards an even more sustainable future. It is proof of our commitment to protecting the environment while remaining stylish and modern. With every step we take, we strive to achieve the perfect harmony of resources, design and quality.

At Klöber, we are not just a company, but also a community committed to preserving our environment. Our life cycle assessments are an expression of our pride and commitment to integrating sustainability into everything we do. We are proud to play our part in a greener future and look forward to continuing on this path - with a new design and a strong awareness of the importance of sustainability.