klöber campus

owingen, de

Here in the home of “the art of sitting”, New Work spaces look a little different. It comes as no surprise that Klöber has allowed the architects and designers plenty of freedom in the new two-storey administration building project – which serves as both showroom and campus. It was vital for the facilities to mirror the character of the company’s Bodensee roots, as well as Klöber’s chair highlights. After all, the dramatic interaction between light and dark, open areas and spaces with defined boundaries, glass and wood, tradition and innovation, manifests in Klöber’s very DNA.

The central theme here was removing the boundaries between work and living, because digitalisation means that many jobs can be performed anywhere in the future. So the emphasis at the new headquarters has shifted towards communicating, presenting, inspiring, developing and focused working. The new Klöber Campus meets all these needs, both as a reflection of best practice and as a testimonial to New Work – made am Bodensee. In this environment it’s possible to practise the Klöber values – which include authenticity, honesty, curiosity and confidence – within a relaxed and friendly setting. As you’d expect, plenty of lounge chair models are used here, such as WOOOM armchairs, CoMeet and LIM. The future of the workplace is not just planned here, it’s also populated. 

Application: Klöber administration building used as a campus and showroom at the head office site
Product:WOOOM, CoMeet, LIM and Connex2
Location: Owingen, Germany