benjamin heckler, development



Klöber’s development team leader Benjamin Heckler offers a candid insight into sitting in general, telling us what it’s like to work at Klöber in particular with its Bodensee lifestyle… 

What ticks your boxes in terms of sitting? 
The unique character of each individual Klöber product and the influence it has on sitting experience and perception of comfort.    

Klöber stands for “the art of sitting”. Are you an art lover or do you think it’s all a load of nonsense?  
I love our art of sitting. I love developing it on a daily basis.  

What’s your favourite office chair: which model and colour, and why?   
Duera, any colour: it’s a “sitting machine” that offers maximum comfort!

What was your most emotional moment on a chair?
The CoMeet at Orgatec: 1.5 years of blood, sweat and tears (and maybe a little chaos too) for an absolutely great product.  

Are you already living the New Work life or are you still working? 
I’m “still” working ;) – because at the moment I’m really conventional and I’m in the office a lot, which I enjoy. But we’ve also created the perfect setting for it here, and we have the freedom to make decisions. In that sense I certainly am practising the flexible approach and therefore New Work. 

Do you prefer working at home or in the office?   
Definitely “Team Office!” I love the direct face-to-face dialogue with my colleagues.

What really gets on your nerves when you’re working from home? And what about in the office?   
Nothing and no one.  

How do you work at home? 
At a top-quality workstation. 

How important is a chair’s design to you: is it a case of function follows form, or should ergonomics come first? 
It’s hard going unless you have the perfect mix. Achieving this in our products is “the art of sitting”.  

What’s the most annoying thing about the coffee break?

Before you came here, what came to mind if someone mentioned the Bodensee – Lake Constance – and what do you think now that you live and work here?
Having grown up on the shores of Lake Constance, I’ve worked in various professional positions around Germany. Now I’m more certain than ever that this is the most beautiful region. I’m able to appreciate that now even more than before. 

How important do you consider the regional character and affinity with nature? 
It’s important. I love being outside and buying local products is something that’s (increasingly) a priority for me. 

Do you tend to find inspiration outdoors in nature, or on the internet?
40/60 – more on the internet.  

What inspires you the most about your work at Klöber?
The friendly setting and team ethos, enabling us to offer our customers a high product quality. 

How would you describe the working culture at Klöber?
The tendency is more “old school” but it’s in flux. Due to the advent of digitalisation in many areas and processes, many things here are shifting towards a “modern” working culture.  

What does Klöber mean to you…? 
Amazing company, amazing products, amazing colleagues. Like everyone else, we will face a huge challenge to maintain our status as an attractive employer over the next few years.