heineken brewery group

zoeterwoude, nl


Over the past 150 years, Heineken became one of the largest brewing groups in the world, and has now splashed out on a full refit of the office premises at the Dutch headquarters in Zoeterwoude. The design features accentuate the atmosphere in the building, which is characterised by full-height glazing, light and transparency. Office chairs supplied by Klöber are a crucial factor of the company’s health management policy.
The Heineken Facility Management team had logged health complaints from employees caused by the furniture they were using previously. Until they bought the Klöber Duera chairs this was happening four or five times a month. When they bought the Duera XS-XL NPR swivel chairs, this figure was reduced to four or five times a year. A good indicator of the quality, sitting dynamics and ergonomics offered by Klöber.

Use: Management office, conference/meeting room, open-space office
Products: Duera meeting chair, Duera office chair
Town: Zoeterwoude, the Netherlands