budapest, hu


The seating requirements in the new premises at ESAB in Budapest – one of the world’s leaders in welding and cutting equipment and consumables – were: combining ergonomics with design and therefore facilitating a new way of working. This was implemented perfectly with around 240 chairs from Klöber. In modern, well-lit areas at desk-based workstations and in communication-based zones with meeting chairs for short meetings or brainstorming sessions. 

Different seating products from Klöber have been selected to meet the needs of these individual areas. In the ESAB offices, more than 230 Connex2 task chairs with mesh backs provide ergonomic seating options, following the users’ movements and enabling them to sit dynamically. Employees can also sit and work comfortably in the communication zones, which are furnished with large and small WOOOM shell chairs. 

Use:    Private offices, communication zones, New Work

Products:    Connex2 office chair, WOOOM chair, WOOOM meeting chair, WOOOM compact shell chair

 Town: Budapest, Hungary