development bank

den haag, nl


It comes as no surprise for a Dutch bank with a record of investing in sustainable projects to choose office outfitting that can be recycled and meets stringent sustainability criteria. It’s all set off with a splash of colour and agile working options in a variety of zones throughout, which creates a relaxing backdrop for New Work. Klöber’s WOOOM shell chair meets all the requirements stipulated by the Development Bank, and is ideal in every other way for the new office building – which has a floor area of 900 m2. 

WOOOM’s seat shell is made of recovered plastic and is 100 % recyclable. Furthermore the stylish chair provides optimum conditions for new working. It comes with a writing tablet, USB port and reading light, making it the most sought-after workspace in the Dutch bank. Inspired by Nature.

Use: Communication zones
Product: WOOM chair
Town: Den Haag, the Netherlands 
Area: 900 m2

 Photos: Rever Interieurprojecten