dental practice

friedrichshafen, de


Dr Stephan Karle’s dental practice in Friedrichshafen is smart, limitless and ahead of the game. This is reflected in the new outfitting concept in the Mikado building – the new office and business premises where modern dentistry is practised according to these principles. The atmosphere is characterised by calming dark colours, with grey tones dominating. Colourful accents feature in the background thanks to the colour key effect.
Because Dr Karle values regional connections, Klöber – made am Bodensee – was a good choice here, so WOOOM chairs were selected for the waiting area. The homely character of the boardroom chairs goes well with the muted lighting, and there’s a WOOOM chair in the recovery room too. Other low-back WOOOM chairs with raised sides complete the look. In the office at the practice there are five Connex2 high-backs – produced as custom designs to support a healthy posture whilst providing plenty of flexibility.

Use: Private office, waiting room, recovery room 
Products: Connex2 Highback office chair, WOOOM chair, WOOOM compact shell chair
Town: Friedrichshafen, Germany