budapest, hu

Faced with the challenge of designing and furnishing around 1,600 m2 of floor area as a New Work Space at the Hungarian headquarters of DEKRA in Budapest, it was unsurprising that they subjected everything to a thorough analysis. They put chairs through their paces in a series of tests to evaluate their comfort and quality – but also design and cost-effectiveness. Connex2, Ciello and LIM all scored highly thanks to their superior quality – (hand-)made in Germany – which qualified them for everyday use in the new DEKRA OFFICE. The office' interior design and project management was done by Cushman & Wakefield, and the equipment was carried out by our partner, Bravosincord. 

Today the management team members at DEKRA Hungary sit on Connex2 task chairs to work and use Ciello conference chairs for boardroom meetings. Connex2 chairs have also been used to furnish the work and collaboration zones, while LIM chairs are the choice in the open meeting space for a fresh, light feel with accents of colour. 

Application: New Work Space in the test service industry 

Product: Connex2 task chairs, Ciello conference chairs, LIM

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Floor area: 1600m2