babilou childcare

paris, fr


France’s largest childcare provider knows no bounds where modern office outfitting is concerned – and the new Paris office is no exception. This is Babilou’s central administration centre. The new building accommodates several hundred employees and provides them with a particularly attractive workplace, created by the Tétris design office, Paris: with swing seats, bistro tables, table football and mini grandstands for a day at the office that’s out of the ordinary. The well-lit rooms contain a range of wooden items and plants for a natural look that supports the sustainable principles of the overall concept. 

The office furniture also includes 320 Connex2 mesh-back office chairs. The Connex2 functions have a fully automated response, so it’s simple to sit dynamically in the correct position. These chairs are also fully sustainable – something that’s really important to Babilou – and this is evidenced by the product eco-balance as well as the Blue Angel certificate. After all their childcare concepts are sustainable too, so this closes the loop.

Use:    Open-space office
Products:    Connex2 office chair
Town:     Paris, France

Photos: Tétris