dirk hindenberg, marketing



Klöber’s marketing director Dirk Hindenberg offers a candid insight into sitting in general, telling us what it’s like to work at Klöber in particular with its Bodensee lifestyle…

What ticks your boxes in terms of sitting? 
The chair. 

Klöber stands for “the art of sitting”. Are you an art lover or do you think it’s all a load of nonsense? 
For me, the world without art would be like sushi without soy sauce and wasabi.

What’s your favourite office chair: which model and colour, and why?  
Connex2 Mesh, in Cura reed green – it reflects my soul. 

How important is the design of a chair for you: function follows form, or should ergonomics come first?  
For me the visual impression is part of the sitting experience – which means that design is as important as comfort and ergonomics. 

What’s the most annoying thing about the coffee break? 
If the coffee machine isn’t on.  

Before you came here, what came to mind if someone mentioned the Bodensee – Lake Constance – and what do you think now that you live and work here? 
It’s a huge lake for swimming and an awesome lake for kiteboarding… 

How important do you consider the regional character and affinity with nature? 
I’m a connoisseur of both and they are incredibly important to me. Oh and there are cool products in the Bodensee region too...    

Do you tend to find inspiration outdoors in nature, or on the internet? 
I net my inspiration outdoors ;-) 

What inspires you the most about your work at Klöber? 
The monstera plant on the Devil’s Table – a plant I find particularly inspirational that we keep on our creative table – the table is named after a rock formation in Lake Überlingen.

How would you describe the working culture at Klöber? 
As we say in Swabia “Work hard, work hard, build a little house” – and don’t worry about anything else… 

What does Klöber mean to you…? 
…it’s the best chair brand in the whole world!