luis meneses, sales manager



Klöber’s sales manager (france) Luis Meneses offers a candid insight into sitting in general, telling us what it’s like to work at Klöber in particular with its Bodensee lifestyle… 

What ticks your boxes in terms of sitting? 
The aspect of sitting that I value most is a chair that follows me whichever way I move – whether I’m working at the computer or taking calls – with a seat that’s comfortable as well as flexible, and offers good support. 

Klöber stands for “the art of sitting”. Are you an art lover or do you think it’s all a load of nonsense?  
Of course I love art. And I think art exists wherever something is created with passion. That’s why I’m certain that Klöber is a worthy representative of the art of sitting. 

What’s your favourite office chair: which model and colour, and why?   
My favourite office chair is Ciello. It’s outstandingly comfortable despite its streamlined design. It might not be the most ergonomic task chair, but I fell in love with it at first sight, and to quote Pascal: “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.”

What was your most emotional moment on a chair?
Well that’s a very difficult question. It must have been when I sat down in the hospital to hold my children in my arms after they were born, and feel their skin against mine. However my life as a sales representative consists of meetings with customers, a dialogue of emotions with face-to-face conversation partners. All these moments are extremely important. 

Do you prefer working at home or in the office?   
I’d say that I prefer working at the customer premises because that’s where it’s vital to communicate the Art of Sitting. Other than that, I think the office provides a more efficient framework in which to exchange information with colleagues than a home working environment. 

What really gets on your nerves when you’re working from home? And what about in the office?   
What really gets on my nerves the most at home is when I need to speak to someone and I can’t get hold of them. 
When I’m working at the office on the other hand, the main problem is the commute. In Paris that often means more than an hour of wasted time in the morning and then over an hour again at the end of the day. 

How do you work at home? 
I’ve fitted out a basement room with a carpet and a Ciello chair to use as an office. It’s an office setting that suits me well.

How important is a chair’s design to you: is it a case of function follows form, or should ergonomics come first? 
I believe that design should not be at the expense of function. And I think we are capable of manufacturing ergonomic chairs that are also very attractive visually. 

What’s the most annoying thing about the coffee break?
I do love my coffee. So in that respect I always welcome a coffee break. Especially at head office (Owingen), because we’ve got a really good coffee machine there. 

Before you came here, what came to mind if someone mentioned the Bodensee – Lake Constance – and what do you think now that you live and work here?
I had never actually heard of Lake Constance before. But I soon fell under the spell of its magnificent landscape. It’s incredibly refreshing and relaxing when the first rays of morning sunlight are reflected in the lake to create an awesome panorama, or when you go for a run or walk along the shore after work.

How important do you consider the regional character and affinity with nature? 
It’s a question of harmony. The locals realise how lucky they are to live in such an exceptional location, and they feel a moral obligation to preserve it. I became aware of that in my first couple of weeks there. 

Do you tend to find inspiration outdoors in nature, or on the internet?
I take my inspiration from nature and from interpersonal relationships. I don’t use the internet other than for professional purposes. 

What inspires you the most about your work at Klöber?
I’ve been influenced by people I’ve met, and also by the products. That’s what inspired me to become a part of this exciting venture. I turned down a whole lot of job offers before I joined Klöber, but at the interviews here I sensed a connection, a sort of community of values.

How would you describe the working culture at Klöber?
Klöber is committed to excellence. It’s not just about making chairs, it’s really about making chairs that reflect the Art of Sitting, and in that sense everyone is involved in some way.

What does Klöber mean to you…? 
Klöber represents an incredible challenge for me, but equally it’s like a family in which each individual in their own role tries their hardest to help communicate the corporate values.