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    The new side tables in the WOOOM family are practically indispensable. They form the ideal complement to work settings in lounge, retreat and central zone areas. They provide a useful place to put your belongings and create a focal point for communication as islands to inspire in the world of New Work.

    WOOOM side and lounge tables are a harmonious supplement to the large WOOOM armchair or the small WOOOM lounge chair: the soft table-top contours continue the visual theme of the chairs’ curves. The form, colour and material used in the base of these lounge tables is identical to the seating star base, making it a perfect match to the WOOOM armchairs from Klöber.

    Design: Jörg Bernauer


    New Work has many faces, and there’s a need for workspaces that can be used on a temporary basis. There is room for just about anything on the WOOOM side and lounge tables. As a focal point for communication they are ideal for adding value to meetings and serve as a visual highlight in any space. They invite people to come together – for a coffee with colleagues or informal meetings away from the boardroom. WOOOM side and lounge tables are at home in any New Work setting.

    ORGATEC 2022, KÖLN


    WOOOM side tables add a touch of style, comfort and homeliness to an alternative workspace. The height-adjustable version can be adapted individually to suit any work situation – whether the large WOOOM armchair or the small WOOOM lounge armchair. Set to a working height in relation to the chair, the table is a convenient place for a variety of items.