LIM: the health care chair. Hygienic and adaptable – the new-generation chair.


Klöber LIM. Hygienic and adaptable.
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Klöber LIM. Smart technology, homely looks.
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Klöber LIM in reception. Because first impressions count.
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Klöber LIM. Easy to wipe and disinfect.

Owingen, March 2021. Hygiene, cleanliness, health: that’s what everyone’s talking about these days. At Klöber it’s not just talk – there’s action too. With the LIM office chair the company has created a product innovation that fills a gap in the market specifically in the medical sector.

Disinfection of surfaces has become a subject of everyday relevance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular objects touched by many people or in a sensitive environment should be cleaned on a regular basis. That isn’t a problem with smooth surfaces, but what about fabrics? This was obviously a concern for Klöber as well, which is why the office seating manufacturer has developed models with easy-to-disinfect finishes and replaceable fabric covers. “Reduction of microbes on the seat and back surfaces was our top product development priority, but there’s so much more to a good chair than that,” says Thomas Möller, CEO of Klöber, referring to the smart technology and homely look of the new product.


LIM - Less Is More.


With LIM, the clue’s in the name: “Less Is More” applies to looks as well as function here. With its unique membrane surface, minimalistic design and versatile configuration potential, LIM is a true miracle in terms of adaptability. Thanks to the washable covers known as “Changeables”, you can switch the colour scheme in an instant. The smart ergonomics concept means that LIM provides automatic comfort even in a multi-user workspace – it adapts all by itself!