Klöber brings a breath of fresh air into the office seating sector by trying out something new. With solutions that reinvent how we sit in the office in a refreshingly different way.


Comfortable posture made simple. Connex2 is on standby to support you in your ideal sitting position and follow your every movement. This is possible thanks to functions that respond automatically. You sit, your chair adapts to you.

The Red Dot 2020 for Connex2 with mesh back is a new addition to the portfolio of design awards: the Connex2 chair with upholstered backrest won the if Design Award and the German Design Award back in 2018.


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Product information, 01-11-2021

A new generation of chair: LIM. Minimalist, flexible and homely – not just for the home office

Owingen, October 2020. If you’re looking for a chair that’s perfect for the new workplace, you’ll find just what you need with LIM from Klöber. LIM is more than an office or meeting chair – LIM is a New Work chair. It has the high-end features you might expect: minimalist design, excellent sitting comfort and colourful Changeables. This makes it highly versatile and allows you to create a luxury setting in your office at home. That’s why we call it “L(ess) I(s) M(ore)”.

Product information, 03-30-2020

Not one but two innovative workstation solutions feature in the best products of the year 2020.

Klöber receives the coveted Red Dot award for Connex2 and the compact WOOOM shell chair. Red Dot is the accolade for high-quality design, having become internationally established as one of the most coveted quality marks and tracker of stand-out global trends. This year Klöber received not one but two awards for its innovative workplace products: a Red Dot award went to the Connex2 office swivel chair, and another Red Dot for the WOOOM compact shell chair.

Product information, 03-26-2020

Work and wellness in one place

Owingen, March 2020. One main goal of the New Work megatrend: creating a balance between life and work. Office chair manufacturer Klöber from Owingen has developed an innovative solution for this in the shape of its WOOOM shell chair. The seat shell is made of nonwoven material consisting of recycled polyester fibres, and it’s packed full of modern technology. For example a USB port, providing a power source for digital natives to charge their phones.