Dr Stephan Karle’s dental practice

Smart – no limits – cutting-edge

It’s that easy to sum up the outfitting concept at Dr Stephan Karle’s dental practice.

In Friedrichshafen these three principles have been applied in the new “Mikado” office and commercial premises, where dentistry is actively practised according to these ethics.

The outfitting concept is based on calming dark colours, with grey tones dominating. Colourful accents feature in the background thanks to the colour key effect.


Regional connections are very important to Dr Karle, including to partners outside the dental sector. Of course this is where Klöber comes into play, with its “Made am Bodensee” slogan. Klöber was able to win this project thanks to the cooperation with the dealer “Gessler + Funk” from Weingarten.

Dr Karle ordered six WOOOM chairs for his reception area. The boardroom chairs have a homely character that goes well with the mood lighting in the clinic, which is designed to offer a calming atmosphere for patients.

The recovery room is also furnished with a WOOOM boardroom chair. There’s a matching ottoman and three more low-back WOOOM chairs with raised sides to finish off the look.


Klöber wasn’t just the ideal choice for the practice in Friedrichshafen because of the Bodensee – Lake Constance – connection.

“In terms of colour we were able to bring the concept alive just as we envisaged, and the seating from Owingen is aesthetically outstanding,” says Dr Karle, who is thrilled with the new premises. He also had an eye on the sustainability factor – after all the nonwoven material used to make the shells of the WOOOM chairs is 100% recyclable.


In the office at the practice there are five Connex2 high-backs – produced as custom designs to support a healthy posture whilst providing plenty of flexibility.

As you can see, Klöber really is smart – no limits – cutting-edge in this setting.

Area of use Individual office / Waiting room
Product Connex2 high-back task chair, WOOOM Sessel, WOOOM, shell chair compact
Branch Doctor's office
Country Germany
Town/city Friedrichshafen
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Employed products

WOOOM Sessel

New seating environments
Just imagine: An island of calm in an open space office. An informal meeting zone at boardroom level. A dialogue area with wow factor. A high-end solution for lounge and lobby. And now imagine: All of that rolled together in one chair: the WOOOM. The considerations that resulted in this new, innovative chair solution are incredibly simple. On one side of the balance, inspiration is fuelled bya homely feel and a need for privacy. On the other side, conventional office outfitting provides a practical workspace. WOOOM brings both worlds together. By combining relaxed, focused working with cutting-edge functions – for maximum efficiency and an all-new level of comfort.


From desk-based working to control centre

The WOOOM – with or without the “wings” – contains state-of-the-art technology. It turns a classic reading chair into a versatile workstation with a writing tablet, light, USB port, heated seat and massage option. The electronic functions are easy to control via phone app. This technology does you good and really motivates.


Download WOOOM App:


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WOOOM, shell chair compact
shell chair


Tomorrow’s workplace is opening up. Embracing new technologies and the individual. It’s becoming more dynamic, yet more comfortable. That’s exactly what the WOOOM shell chair compact models represent: relaxed rules, spontaneity and creativity. They can be used ultra-flexibly, are sustainably manufactured and inspiringly designed.


Winner of the coveted Red Dot Award 2020 for outstanding product design.


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Connex2 high-back task chair
Office swivel chair

The modern daily work routine needs seating that supports a new “can-do culture”.

The Connex2 Highback is fully upholstered or with mesh back with close attention to detail and finished to an excellent standard as you would expect from a Klöber.


- A clear-cut design and perfect craftsmanship

- Wide selection of materials and colours

- Comfort through every movement: the three-dimensional seat movement supports the natural impulse to move

- Moving intelligently: its functions respond automatically to the body’s needs to ensure a comfortable sitting position with minimum fuss


Congratulations to Connex2 for passing the environmental test “Blauer Engel”! That means Connex2 is good for the environment as well as for your health. So you can be happy while you work – in the office and at home!


The Red Dot 2020 for Connex2 with mesh back is a new addition to the portfolio of design awards: the Connex2 chair with upholstered backrest won the if Design Award and the German Design Award back in 2018.

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Dr Stephan Karle’s dental practice
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