Starship Enterprise, children in need from Ghana and Klöber – what's the link?

The elspec Group manufactures premium quality radio frequency technology such as cable solutions, plug connectors and assemblies.
There are 25 employees at the company head office in Geretsried near Munich. They have over 10,000 products in their own warehouse as well as factories across Europe, Taiwan, the USA and China – this is a global operation.

While elspec considers it extremely important to ensure customers always have the best solution for any challenge in the world of radio frequency technology, the company is also active in completely different areas: elspec supports poor children in Ghana, whose parents frequently have to put them into orphanages because of their own poverty. They also campaign for disadvantaged children, young people and above all families – with the goal of helping them to take their first steps towards independence.


A new administration office within three years
A new administration office with a floor area of 1,400 square metres was constructed in Geretsried within three years.
The building concept was dubbed “Green Village” and the specifications were drawn up by the site owners, with the condition that the elspec colour scheme should be used in the design. The project was ultimately implemented by Holzbau Hawran und Vorholz as the lead developer.

The interior of the new building was designed by the architects’ office Innenarchitektur Mertens.
Klöber had a product placement opportunity for six of the firm’s newest products here: three LIM (Less is more) swivel chairs, a WOOOM boardroom chair with headrest and two low-back WOOOM chairs with raised sides.

The Klöber products have proved really popular in the elspec HQ. “We wanted chairs that would motivate people and lift their mood,” explains CEO Thomas Weber. “These chairs are 100% in line with our vision.”
He particularly liked the low-back WOOOM chair with raised sides: “They rather remind me of the Starship Enterprise, [they’re reminiscent of] James T. Kirk’s chair!”

It’s no wonder that the company motto of the elspec Group is “Maybe one day we’ll be able to beam in this community”.

Area of use Open-plan office
Product LIM. Less Is More., WOOOM, shell chair compact
Branch Electronic equipment manufacturer
Country Germany
Town/city Geretsried
0 / 0

Employed products

LIM. Less Is More.
Office swivel chair

This has an impact on the infrastructure: the traditional office swivel chair and meeting chair format is no longer enough.


In any place where work processes are changing, where information and communication are happening all the time in multiple locations – the new smart minimalist concept from Klöber is the perfect choice. It cuts back on complexity whilst offering more flexibility and a homelier feel.




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WOOOM, shell chair compact
shell chair


Tomorrow’s workplace is opening up. Embracing new technologies and the individual. It’s becoming more dynamic, yet more comfortable. That’s exactly what the WOOOM shell chair compact models represent: relaxed rules, spontaneity and creativity. They can be used ultra-flexibly, are sustainably manufactured and inspiringly designed.


Winner of the coveted Red Dot Award 2020 for outstanding product design.


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