Mera Klima – individual settings to save energy and ensure comfort.


No other office chair has such a sustainable influence on the workplace climate as Mera Klima.


The heated seat can be controlled individually thanks to a long-life rechargeable battery, which uses smart technology to react intelligently to user needs.


This saves energy and at the same time ensures a comfortable workspace.

Individual comfort

Everyone has a different perception of heat and cold. That’s why Mera Klima with heated seat ensures individual comfort at the touch of a button.

Long battery life

The long-life batteries stay charged for a whole working day, so it’s easy to recharge them overnight. Once it is fully charged, the device automatically turns off.

Maximum freedom of movement

Ideal in the foyer, open space or conference room: thanks to the smart battery technology, Mera Klima does not require a cable and can therefore be used anywhere.

Lean back!

The Mera Klima offers a unique level of comfort at your desk. It’s really easy to operate as well: the functions have two settings that can be controlled via a button, and they turn off automatically when you stand up. The technology’s hidden inside the chair and you only notice it when it actually comes on.

Give your best performance.

From your chair!

There is evidence that a working environment at an optimum, individually adjustable temperature has been shown to facilitate better and more consistent performance.* The Klöber climate technology regulates the temperature right at the body/seat contact points. This gives you the freedom to select your own high performance setting.


* Source: Cornell's Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory

Meets cleanroom standards -  Exceeds comfort standards

Special working environments demand special solutions. Klöber climate technology fits the bill perfectly: the Mera task chair in the appropriate model is compatible with clean rooms that are certified according to ISO 14644-1. And thanks to climate technology it also provides comfortable sitting at the right temperature.

Combats heat and cold. Everywhere.

Thanks to its cable-free rechargeable battery operation, Klöber’s climate technology works everywhere: in entrance lobbies, open-space offices, IT and pharmacy cleanrooms, public zones in airports and railway stations. Near window façades and in spaces with the air conditioning on high. For counter workstations, in logistics warehouses and buildings that are poorly heated or have no air conditioning.

Pilot project for the energy-neutral office

The Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency is investing in sustainable innovations in their pilot project to achieve an energy-neutral office. For this project they have set up a test environment in Rijswijk.The idea is to create a practical simulation for the transition to energy-neutral buildings.This set-up includes the first office chair with patented climate control function, manufactured by Klöber


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    The Klöber philosophy


    Klöber brings a breath of fresh air into the office seating sector. This is because Klöber is blazing new trails, with a tendency to think outside the box. That takes courage. Our courage as well as that of our customers. Sure enough, that courage is rewarded. With solutions that reinvent how we sit in the office in a refreshingly different way.