The New Work megatrend – radical change in the workplace


LIM is a flexible companion for any conceivable situation in the modern workplace
LIM offers a vibrant look that’s perfect for a quirky design concept with its Changeable covers.
LIM is “less is more” by design and in name – making it the perfect choice for any space.
LIM transforms your living room into a stylish home office.

Owingen, June 2021. In modern, flexible organisations the emphasis is on people, with space for creative and focused working – other than spending 8 hours at the same desk. If you’re looking for a chair that’s perfect for this new workplace, you’ll find just what you need with LIM from Klöber. LIM is a New Work chair with benefits that include a minimalist design and smart technology. This makes it highly versatile and allows you to create a luxury setting in your office at home. That’s why we call it “L(ess) I(s) M(ore)”.

Nowadays we perceive the workplace to be high-speed, complex and fragmented in character. In line with the original principles, New Work still embodies a structural transformation in our workplace – defined by digitalisation and the differing requirements and needs of Generation Y.


In modern, flexible organisations the emphasis is on people, with space for creative and focused working.  Spending 8 hours at the same desk is no longer the norm. You can work anywhere: in coworking spaces, at home, in creative zones, in a café or lounge.


These days the office environment and workspace outfitting play an increasingly important role as a way of showing employees appreciation in the “war for talent” – in which all the companies are trying to attract the best job applicants.



Comfort at your desk

Features of the New Work culture include flexible workstations for shared use. As a result, versatile seating is needed for coworking and open space workstations. Klöber’s latest innovation LIM is a minimalist New Work chair that’s perfect for this requirement – and that’s how it got its name “L(ess) I(s) M(ore).


For Thomas Möller, CEO of office seating manufacturer Klöber, the smart chair concept LIM is the ideal New Work companion. He takes the original principle used by Margarete Klöber when she founded her health chair factory in the Lake Constance region in the 1930s and expands on it to embrace the spirit of New Work: “The freedom to sit in healthy comfort is the art of feeling comfortable at work.”



Ideal for the workplace of today and tomorrow

LIM is perfect here thanks to its minimalist design, user-friendly tech, automatic movement and exceptional sitting comfort. These features make LIM particularly adaptable and therefore well-suited to changing locations and people – and ideal for the workplace now and in the future. 


With its reduced dimensions, soft contours and unfussy surfaces, Klöber’s latest addition looks fantastic in any setting. The LIM Changeables are really smart: The jersey covers for seat and backrest are easy to wash and replace. This gives you a new look and improved hygiene in an instant.



A combination of dynamic sitting and home comfort

LIM unites a range of technical functions that facilitate ergonomic working. With just a few intuitive movements you can adjust the chair height, seat, armrest height and the lumbar support in the backrest. With these features, LIM ticks all the boxes for healthy sitting. In the coworking space or the Idea Lab.


One advantage of LIM’s simple operation is that you can easily and quickly optimise your sitting position at spontaneous get-togethers in meeting spaces and huddle rooms.


In terms of home comforts LIM won’t leave you wanting either, with a special feature to ensure flexible, comfortable working at home and on the move – a soft technical membrane in the seat and backrest.


LIM is Klöber’s answer to the workplace of today and tomorrow, paving the way for a corporate culture that’s diverse and creative.