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Mera - Drehstühle, schwarz
Mera Network weiß-grau
Mera Drehstühle, weiß-grau
Mera Drehstühle, schwarz

Design: Jörg Bernauer Mera varies according to wishes and requirements. It can be used anywhere from the team workplace to the executive office, as an all-rounder or premium version. The chair for all applications is both comfortable and dynamic. Various backrest variants based on one design principle offer a plethora of possibilities.


Mera is available in white-grey or black with a plastic back, fully upholstered and the innovative mesh. The mesh back can also be fitted with a fabric mesh padding. The Mera mesh back is a world first. The dynamic back, manufactured in three-component technology, gives the office chair a modern appearance.


With its compelling and distinctive backrest curve, Mera integrates well in modern interiors thanks to its transparent, lightweight styling. High-tech features make the chairs easy to use, ensure healthy dynamics and offer lasting benefits. All parts are produced from durable materials that are suitable for segregated recycling.


Mera visitor chairs with a plastic, mesh or upholstered back provide a comfortable amount of space. They supplement the seamless aesthetics of the Mera range of chairs to create a culture of sitting.


Awards: iF Design Award 2011 for Mera visitor chairs


Photographs: Werner Huthmacher


Height-adjustable armrest
Adjustable in height by 10 cm, scaled.
The ISO 10993 is an ISO standard series for the biological evaluation of medical devices.
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
This design award from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology was presented for leading international achievements from the field of product design for the first time in 1969, when it went by the name of "Bundespreis Gute Form". Since 2006, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany has been awarded annually for outstanding achievements in the areas of product and communication design and for a selected design personality.
The iF label is recognised worldwide as a quality mark for excellent design.
Lumbar support
Lumbar support, optional. Provides additional support for the lumbar region.
Point-synchronised mechanism
Constant contact with the pelvis during the entire movement. No "shirtdragging" effect.
An abradant and a fabric are subjected to a rubbing motion using the Martindale method. Abrasion resistance is stated in rub cycles. Rub cycles are used as a unit, like grams or centimetres. The fabric is more durable the higher the number of cycles.
red dot design award
The red dot design award is an international design competition that is staged annually, breaking down into the categories of product design and communication design.
Intervertebral discs
An intervertebral disc is a flexible link consisting of fibrocartilage between the vertebrae.
3D arm supports
The armrest top is adjustable by 5 cm in depth and by approx. 3 cm in width without tools. The armrest top is made from soft TPU foam with a pleasant soft feel that is gentle to the skin.
Quality Office
The Quality Office guideline defines quality standards for office furnishings in accordance with the latest ergonomic findings.
Counter chair
Counter chairs are intended specifically for use at checkouts, at counters and reception desks in the retail and wholesale sectors, airports, info points, hotels hospitals and banks.
Targets for the sustainability and environmental compatibility of the products are defined in the product development process and the ecological footprint requirements are stipulated as part of the quality assessment. The ecological footprint includes both the recycling rate and an assessment of the energy input.
The American LEED® quality mark (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most broadly established certificate on the international market.
DLX® (Duo-Latex) mesh. Breathable 2-ply technology featuring flexible latex fabric for optimum pressure distribution in the seat and back avoids pressure points and promotes circulation.
The Dutch NPR standard (= Nederlandse Praktijk Richtlijn) defines special office chair dimensions for particularly short and tall people.