Klöber Concept C: Individual Ensemble


Kloeber Concept C arbeitsplatznahe Kommunikation
Kloeber Concept C Schalensessel Kleeblatt

Modern office layouts now require communication zones more than ever before. A quick meeting to take a vote, an informal chat during breaks, a small-scale group discussion or a team conference are all mainstream working methods.

Meeting room or cafeteria, conference or lounge – employees no longer sit on office chairs. Klöber offers a range of armchairs, sofas and chairs that can be used in versatile ways in these new office environments. Concept C creates space for encounters, improves the quality of communication and provides areas for relaxation.

Concept C is a range of shell chairs, available in two forms, and shell chair benches; they come in black or white ash veneer, beech and walnut and are upholstered with fabrics and leathers from the Klöber programme. Concept C shell chairs in three forms fit three different frames. The Concept C sofas and armchairs are available in two different heights for a wide range of different combinations. 

Concept C shell chairs and shell chair benches are designed around a striking concrete base. The new material concrete is associated with stability, yet is light and elegant. The seat floats above the base in either a straight or curved design. Concept C creates rooms within rooms used either individually, in groups or rows with flowing transitions, as well as in configuration with a matching table. The aesthetic styling of the seats themselves is complemented by chairs with four-legged or sled bases, starbases on castors, as well as the matching table.

The programme’s main design element is a seat shell with a form that can be modified according to a defined shell base. The programme also includes the linear and the curved shell. In addition, Klöber can create completely individual contours, as required. 

The comfortable seat shell also provides the basis for the cubic sofa programme. Different configurations of chairs and sofas are available with either a high or low backrest. All offer a generous amount of space for the sitter with a comfortable distance to the neighbour.

The programme comprising chairs and armchairs with a curved wooden shell, as well as sofas and armchairs, is recommended for use in central areas and open-space offices, as well as in waiting areas, lounges, conference rooms, cafeterias and at the espresso bar. With a uniform design for different applications, Concept C highlights the corporate culture. 

Photo: Kuhnle + Knödler Fotodesign, Radolfzell