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Height-adjustable armrest
Adjustable in height by 10 cm, scaled.
The ISO 10993 is an ISO standard series for the biological evaluation of medical devices.
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
This design award from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology was presented for leading international achievements from the field of product design for the first time in 1969, when it went by the name of "Bundespreis Gute Form". Since 2006, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany has been awarded annually for outstanding achievements in the areas of product and communication design and for a selected design personality.
The iF label is recognised worldwide as a quality mark for excellent design.
Lumbar support
Lumbar support, optional. Provides additional support for the lumbar region.
Point-synchronised mechanism
Constant contact with the pelvis during the entire movement. No "shirtdragging" effect.
An abradant and a fabric are subjected to a rubbing motion using the Martindale method. Abrasion resistance is stated in rub cycles. Rub cycles are used as a unit, like grams or centimetres. The fabric is more durable the higher the number of cycles.
red dot design award
The red dot design award is an international design competition that is staged annually, breaking down into the categories of product design and communication design.
Intervertebral discs
An intervertebral disc is a flexible link consisting of fibrocartilage between the vertebrae.
3D arm supports
The armrest top is adjustable by 5 cm in depth and by approx. 3 cm in width without tools. The armrest top is made from soft TPU foam with a pleasant soft feel that is gentle to the skin.
Quality Office
The Quality Office guideline defines quality standards for office furnishings in accordance with the latest ergonomic findings.
Counter chair
Counter chairs are intended specifically for use at checkouts, at counters and reception desks in the retail and wholesale sectors, airports, info points, hotels hospitals and banks.
Targets for the sustainability and environmental compatibility of the products are defined in the product development process and the ecological footprint requirements are stipulated as part of the quality assessment. The ecological footprint includes both the recycling rate and an assessment of the energy input.
The American LEED® quality mark (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most broadly established certificate on the international market.
DLX® (Duo-Latex) mesh. Breathable 2-ply technology featuring flexible latex fabric for optimum pressure distribution in the seat and back avoids pressure points and promotes circulation.
The Dutch NPR standard (= Nederlandse Praktijk Richtlijn) defines special office chair dimensions for particularly short and tall people.

(A) Benefits of the Klöber GmbH information and advice service on this website,

Klöber GmbH
Hauptstraße 1
88696 Owingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 75 51 - 838-0
Fax: +49 (0) 75 51 - 838-142 

offers information and advice about the Klöber product services. This information and advice service is based on these terms of use.

  1. Klöber GmbH reserves the right to extend or reduce the information and advice service, or parts thereof, at any time or to modify its functions.
  2. We have put together the content displayed on with great care. It serves only to provide information about our products and services and is not binding; in particular, images, drawings and details concerning colour, weight, and dimensions are approximations only. Following the editorial deadline for specific pages, modifications may have been made to products and services, particularly changes to designs or shapes, deviations in the colour shade, as well as changes to the scope of supply or services. The images may also include accessories, special equipment or other content that are not part of the standard scope of supply or service. Individual pages may also contain services that are not offered in individual countries.

(B) Our Online Configurator

  1. You can use the configurator at to put together your own individual Klöber product. No sale contracts are concluded via The product you have included in the shopping basket at does not constitute an offer to conclude a sales contract, rather it shows your individually configured Klöber product with a recommended retail price. If you press on the button “Send enquiry”, we will send you an email with the content of your shopping basket (PDF file “Your configuration”). The email does not constitute an acceptance of an offer, rather it merely provides you with all the details of the Klöber product you have configured. Should you be interested in purchasing a product you have configured on, you can contact one of our trading partners listed on In the event of order placement, the sales contract is made directly with the trading partner and the conditions agreed with the latter are applicable.
    If you give your consent, the content of the shopping basket, together with your contact data, will also be sent to the Klöber trading partner you have selected and to the regional sales manager. We will not save or disclose any of your personal contact data without your consent.  (see also at D)

(C) “My Concept C”

  1. At we offer architects, engineers and (product) designers the opportunity to download the CAD design data for our Concept C seating range so they can design their own chair that complies with these design specifications. Then we will check whether this idea would be viable in our production. If the idea is viable, the customer will be given a non-binding estimate on the basis of the data and specifications provided, and if required we can supply a non-binding quote from one of our Klöber dealers. Please note that this service is only available to selected customers. 
  2. Terms and conditions of use for the CAD design data provided by Klöber
  3. a) Klöber exclusively reserves all rights to the data, including the specified forms, contours, design etc. and the customer may only use them to design “My Concept C” chairs that are then manufactured by Klöber. Any other use, duplication or distribution, including making the data accessible or available to third parties, particularly in order to have a design produced by other manufacturers, is not permitted.
    b) Klöber is not liable for the correctness, completeness or absence of (technical) errors in the data provided. Furthermore Klöber is not liable for the viability of a design submitted to us by a customer.
    c) Any advertising and PR campaigns involving chairs/designs created using “My Concept C” data require prior written permission from Klöber.

(D) Prices at

  1. The prices listed on include VAT at the respective statutory rate. They only constitute the recommended retail prices of Klöber GmbH. Our retail partners are not bound to the stated prices. A concrete offer with binding prices will only be made by the selected Klöber retail partner.
  2. Online discounts listed on are discounts for online configurations (=execution of a product configuration on, see at B) that, if you decide to go ahead and purchase the product, you can request from one of our participating trading partners (contact us for a list). The discount applies only for the specified promotional period and only in conjunction with the “Your configuration” PDF file and the configuration number printed thereon. The PDF is valid in digital or printed form. The online discount refers to the final prices listed on the website (including the stated VAT). Online discounts only apply to consumers, not our trading partners.
  3. The prices stated on apply ex-factory. Prices for delivery, customs clearance where appropriate, distribution and handling at the intended place of use are to be clarified with the Klöber retail partner you have selected.
  4. The prices for the country in which the order is placed with the participating retail partner apply.

(E) Manufacturer’s warranty for the consumer

We offer consumers a manufacturer’s warranty for a warranty period of five years from delivery of the goods and, with our 24-hour chairs (Duera24 and Itera24), for two years from delivery.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers all deviations in the goods from the agreed quality caused by faulty materials, workmanship or design, provided the deviation is not an exception in accordance with paragraph C. During the warranty period, we will remedy any faults by means of repairs or, at our discretion, by supplying replacements. We will assume the associated costs of materials, transport, freight, labour and travel. We assume no further liability within the scope of this warranty.

  1. The warranty does not apply:
    If the goods – with the exception of our 24-hour chairs – are used for more than 220 days per year or for more than 8 hours per day or by people weighing more than 125 kg. With our 24-hour chairs, the warranty does not apply when used by people weighing more than 150 kg.
  2. If there is no defect, for example: in the event of non-observance of the operating instructions, damage caused by natural wear and tear of parts subject to wear (e.g. upholstery fabrics, castors, arm pads, glides), damage caused by climatic conditions (e.g. excessive air humidity) or external influences (e.g. wet substrates), damage caused by tampering or maintenance work performed by unauthorised persons or due to material returned to us by the customer and processed by us (e.g. upholstery fabrics).
    In warranty cases, the consumer can either contact Klöber GmbH directly or contact the Klöber retail partner from whom the goods were purchased. The latter will accept the warranty enquiry and immediately discuss further action with us.

(F) Collection, processing and use of personal information from our customers 
See data protection policy

(G) Applicable law 
German law applies.