The perfect pair: Klöber and the Landesgartenschau 2021 in Überlingen.


Loungechair WOOOM by Klöber at the Landesgartenschau 2021 in Überlingen
Margarete Klöber founded the ergonomic chair factory in 1935

Owingen, 06. Mai 2021. Klöber has plenty in common with the Landesgartenschau Überlingen 2021: they both love their Lake Constance home, and then there’s nature, creativity, imagination and inspiration. So it’s no surprise that Klöber is expressing this regional loyalty by stepping up as official sponsor of the LGS garden show. Klöber’s managing director Thomas Möller was enthusiastic about developing interior design ideas for the plant house, embracing the opportunity to incorporate stylish seating by Klöber into this unique event at Lake Constance.

Klöber and the LGS are united by much of the same motivation.  The Landesgartenschau planners are experts in landscape planning for a one-off project. The people at Klöber are experts in sitting – with more than 85 years of experience at the Lake Constance site.

There are 125 employees at the headquarters in Owingen, working hard on a daily basis to produce Klöber office seating. From the initial idea to customised solutions and series production there’s a shared ethos: no one does it better.


The Klöber Chair Passion is the beating heart within a close-knit team


It is supported by a fundament of engineering expertise, precision hand-finishing, applied understanding of design and sustainably dependable implementation. Coupled with the ability to marry aesthetics and ergonomics in one chair. In the most beautiful part of Baden-Württemberg, Lake Constance.

Company founder Margarete Klöber was characterised by this spirit back in the day. As a young woman she secured the patent for an innovative office chair in 1935, at the same time taking over the workshop in Überlingen where the patent had originated. The clue’s in the chair’s name: the “Polstergleich” (which means cushion-like) has four metal springs underneath the wooden seat to support mobility and dynamic sitting. It’s almost as comfortable as sitting on a cushion.


Thanks Margarete!


Margarete believed in the idea and the health concept at the heart of the Polstergleich chair. She soon turned her workshop into a “health chair factory”, thus establishing the Klöber DNA: made in the Lake Constance region.


Lake Constance


Lake Constance is Germany’s largest lake and an important freshwater reservoir for more than 3.5 million people. This ecologically sensitive region is committed to sustainability – but as a popular tourist destination it also attracts nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, art fans and wine connoisseurs in equal measure. And now garden and landscape enthusiasts will be flocking here too.


So what could be more fitting than Klöber backing the Landesgartenschau Überlingen as one of the official sponsors in 2021, furnishing the glass plant house with some really special armchairs made from nonwoven material and lots of other seating too.


Small, but perfectly formed!


Although the exhibition venue is one of the smallest ever to host the Landesgartenschau in Baden-Württemberg, the lake covers 536 square kilometres and offers so much potential that it is the biggest after all.


The analogy is that here at Klöber we have a team of just 125 people to create the ultimate sitting experience. All from a single source. All made in the Lake Constance region. By people whose ultimate skill is designing and building chairs. For our region, for all of Germany and for the international market.

There are unlimited opportunities to present culture, talent and the Baden atmosphere at LGS 2021. The summer-long celebrations of Überlingen’s garden festival extend over 192 days – reimagining horticultural creativity on land and water. You can take a boat straight to the waterside park exhibition venue, practise Kneipp walking in the shallows of Lake Constance, listen to a concert on the lakeside stage, stroll alongside the shady moats in the town, or visit one of the events – of which there are around 3000.