Consulting provider from Utrecht

There’s no second chance for a first impression.
It needs to be convincing from the outset, to communicate a positive mood instantly.

That’s why a consultancy firm in Utrecht has furnished the lobby with WOOOM shell chairs from Klöber. The seats fulfil two functions: firstly they invoke an immediate sense of comfort as visitors enter the building. This is somewhere they can instantly feel at home, relaxing in a comfortable chair until it’s time for their appointment.

The other benefit of the WOOOM chairs is that they provide an opportunity for employees to enjoy different surroundings for informal meetings, a pleasant space that inspires creativity rather than their usual office. Which means that in Utrecht the WOOOM chairs combine the best of both worlds, lending a homely character whilst offering an alternative to conventional office furniture.
Curtains around the WOOOM seating groups give a degree of privacy – despite the busy traffic in the foyer.

The lobby at the consultancy company contains eight WOOOM chairs in total, in the “wing chair” variant, encouraging employees and visitors to linger there. The winged style of the chair backrest evokes a fireplace feel, while the cushions add a pop of colour. How do you fancy the seat and backrest upholstery in different colours? No problem!
The colours guarantee a cheery effect and at the same time demonstrate that a lobby doesn’t have to look bland and monotone. And that’s how to nail it with first impressions!



Photos: MV INT BRO, Naarden (Netherlands)

Area of use Reception/Lounge/Showroom
Product WOOOM Sessel
Branch Service companies
Country Netherlands
Town/city Utrecht
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WOOOM Sessel

Living and working in harmony – this balance is an essential aspect of a happy life. The WOOOM shell chair creates islands of calm in an open-space office, transforms a boring boardroom into a motivational meeting zone, and makes sitting in the lounge or lobby an exciting experience. Innovative technology ensures that this shell chair feels luxurious as a workspace – with lighting, heated seat, massage function, USB charging facility and a writing tablet. For office and home.

The electronic functions are easy to control using the app. The WOOOM Light can also be operated using a touch function.



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Consulting provider from Utrecht
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