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Product information, 12-02-2021

Hygge by Klöber: The art of wellbeing at work

Owingen, November 2021. Hygge is closely associated with the unique Scandinavian lifestyle. The word comes from Norwegian and Danish, and means something along the lines of cosy, comfy or snuggly – or simply good. The fact that Scandinavians have been coming top of the table in the World Happiness Report for years, including 2021, could have something to do with the fact that they are experts in creating an environment for relaxed living and working, which means they can counter the stress of the office effectively. As an office furniture manufacturer, Klöber can always do a great job of creating a feel-good haven in the workplace and at home.

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The company, 11-29-2021

Sustainability - Made am Bodensee

Owingen, November 2021. At Klöber, sustainability isn’t a megatrend – it’s a matter of fact. Klöber has created the hashtag #sustainablenovember to draw particular attention to such an important topic this autumn.

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Product information, 07-01-2021

The New Work megatrend – radical change in the workplace

Owingen, June 2021. In modern, flexible organisations the emphasis is on people, with space for creative and focused working – other than spending 8 hours at the same desk. If you’re looking for a chair that’s perfect for this new workplace, you’ll find just what you need with LIM from Klöber. LIM is a New Work chair with benefits that include a minimalist design and smart technology. This makes it highly versatile and allows you to create a luxury setting in your office at home. That’s why we call it “L(ess) I(s) M(ore)”.