Rabobank Zaanstreek, Zaandam

When renovating the Rabobank branch in Zaandam, the main priority for the redesign of the offices for 150 employees was a combination of ergonomics and clearly-structured design. The clear and unfussy design of the rooms in warm shades of grey and brown combined with individual elements in contrasting colours give the rooms a very modern look bringing out the clear structure.


To complement this effect, Rabobank Zaandam opted for the Mera Network with fabric mesh padding. The Mera mesh backrest with its patented plastic mesh and futuristic, clearly-structured design blends in perfectly with the overall look.


The ergonomic effect of the flexible, breathable mesh back was the number one choice. The back is made from a single piece for a homogeneous look. The mesh geometry adapts to the individual user. Larger mesh structures offer maximum flexibility and small mesh offers optimum support of the spine.



Area of use Open-plan office
Product Mera task chair
Branch Financial services provider
Country Netherlands
Town/city Zaandam
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Employed product

Mera task chair
Office swivel chair

 It can be used anywhere from the team workplace to the executive office, as an all-rounder or premium version. The chair for all office applications is both attractive and dynamic. Mera is perfect in form and function, offering an excellent price-performance balance.

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Rabobank Zaanstreek, Zaandam
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Rabobank Zaanstreek, Zaandam
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