WOOOM light is the informal alternative to the classic desk workspace. This boardroom chair promises an abundance of home comforts, while working or during breaks. There’s an integral LED light to ensure optimum illumination for reading or typing, with an easy-to-use dimmer feature. It is positioned behind your shoulder so that it doesn’t cast unwanted shadows. The touch control ensures straightforward stepless adjustment of brightness and colour temperature. You can set it just how you like – a warm white, softly dimmed light to relax, or the full workstation specification with a bright light and cooler colour temperature for focused working. Just connect the power supply underneath the seat shell, using the self-aligning magnetic plug. Furthermore there’s plenty of design scope thanks to a wide variety of configuration options. Unlike the WOOOM, its “big brother”, the WOOOM light is also available without the padded armrest top.


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The integrated LED reading light is designed to illuminate the seat area without casting annoying shadows. This allows you to concentrate fully on your book or display without having to shift position so you can see. Furthermore the light can be adjusted easily to suit current needs. The brightness can be regulated with a stepless dimmer. The colour temperature adapts at the same time to create a cosy atmosphere automatically when the light is dimmed, while the bright daylight mode is conducive to working. The high-quality LEDs don’t generate any heat, are powered via the mains leads supplied and have a particularly long lifespan. If one of the LEDs unexpectedly fails, it’s a simple procedure for a service technician to replace it.

This is the art of sitting!

Our WOOOM light unites comfort, design and technology in an innovative New Work chair. Its shape is designed to ensure optimum privacy. This means that WOOOM light creates a comfort zone right there in your office, a haven to which you can retreat for focused working, undisturbed conversations or just to switch off for a little while. High-quality, sustainable materials as well as technical and functional features offer you additional benefits to enhance your well-being. The result is a serene sitting experience you’ll want to enjoy full-time. This is the art of sitting: this is Klöber.

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