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Owingen site on the shores of Lake Constance: For Klöber, sustainability isn’t a megatrend – it’s a matter of fact!
The development, manufacture and marketing of Klöber products follows the Klöber Green Line
Less is more, that goes for the packaging too: Thanks to the minimal size, the cartons are easier to store and transport.

Owingen, November 2021. At Klöber, sustainability isn’t a megatrend – it’s a matter of fact. Klöber has created the hashtag #sustainablenovember to draw particular attention to such an important topic this autumn.

Made am Bodensee

Manufactured in the Lake Constance region, made for the whole world: Klöber seating is the perfect balance between regional roots and international innovation. In Owingen on the shores of Lake Constance we develop seating that unites sustainability, innovation, aesthetics and quality.

They don’t believe in outsourcing at Klöber: the entire production cycle – prototype build, tool build, fabric cutting, sewing, upholstery and assembly – is all done in-house. From the designer’s initial idea and right through the manufacturing process – the point at which chairs are shipped worldwide is the first time they leave the factory in Owingen.

Certified materials, resource-saving manufacturing: We love our region and nature, so here at Klöber we ensure that production is energy-efficient – and run regular quality checks.


Klöber sustainability program

Klöber is committed to sustainability along the entire value chain and throughout the company.

The company describes its approach like this:

• We know our supply chain and the impact associated with them

• We have a transparent picture of our products and their impact on the environment

• We stand for sustainable production and innovative products

• We are in dialogue with our stakeholder groups and communicate the key themes to them

• We have happy, healthy employees, and they undergo regular training

• The Klöber facility will be climate-neutral by 2025


The full details of Klöber’s principles can be found in the new sustainability report.