Seating manufacturer Klöber presents a world innovation for the workplace: the Klöber Klimastuhl ensures that you have the perfect climate for comfort at your desk


Owingen, April 2016 | Whether your home office is in a separate room or integrated into your bedroom or living room – the working temperature there is rarely ideal, because it’s often either too warm or too cold. And if you don’t feel comfortable, your concentration soon goes haywire too. The Owingen-based seating manufacturer Klöber has found an innovative solution to this problem in the form of the new Klimastuhl: with the “heating” and “ventilation” functions on every chair, everyone can set their own personal temperature for optimum wellbeing. Another bonus is that energy consumption and costs can be reduced with the Klimastuhl.

Temperature regulation with a chair? The Klöber Klimastuhl works in a similar way to a car seat. The heating and ventilation functions are integrated in the seat and backrest, and each has two adjustment settings. The heating function warms the sitter up to a maximum of 37 degrees – normal human body temperature. The ventilation system conducts excess heat away from the body. During this process, up to 95% of moisture evaporates from the seat and up to 74% from the backrest, which produces a pleasant cooling sensation. 


Saving energy, reducing costs

As well as improving wellbeing, the Klimastuhl also helps to save heating and energy costs. The thing is, temperature regulation is independent of conditions in the premises, which means that air-conditioning and heating systems can be turned down. As the temperature is transferred directly to the body, having the heating and ventilation function in the office chair is much more efficient than controlling the room temperature. If the room temperature is lowered for instance by just 1 degree during the heating period, heating costs can be reduced by 6 per cent. And in the summer, raising the temperature of the air conditioning settings by 1 degree can save around 4% of electrical energy (depending on the type of building). 

Technical details:

  • Cable-free rechargeable battery unit with control display
  • Battery run-time in constant operation up to 16 hours, charging time approx. 4 hours
  • Intelligent “seat occupancy sensor”: The climate function switches off automatically to save energy when the user stands up
  • Dual-level controls: switch to Level II to reach the optimum temperature quickly; reduce intensity by turning down to Level I