Award-winning design meets unique innovation: The Moteo office chair by Klöber – now featuring a climate function


Moteo is the office chair designed for executives, and it has already received several awards – including the red dot design award 2010.
Moteo comes in an exclusive specification: with a high-gloss lacquered backrest shell in black or white, with superior quality leather upholstery.
Not just a good-looking design: thanks to its innovative technology, the temperature of the Moteo Klimastuhl can adapt to suit the sitter’s individual needs.
The control elements for the climate function and the rechargeable battery are integrated directly into the upholstery for a seamless and elegant look.

Owingen, September 2017 | Attractive, individual and rather special: after the successful launch of the Mera Klimastuhl last year, Klöber is now presenting its high-end, award-winning Moteo office chair with the patented climate function. This feature ensures that users of open spaces, management offices and conference rooms can sit comfortably for long periods.


The Moteo Klimastuhl unites elegance with innovative technology: the chair adapts its temperature to the user’s needs like a car seat – it’s so easy, all at the touch of a button.


A comfortable temperature – all the time

There are two functions: the body contact points in the seat and back area are warmed to a maximum temperature of 37 degrees with the heating function. That’s equivalent to the normal human body temperature. The ventilation function has a pleasant cooling effect – the excess heat is diverted away from the body. This allows every sitter to set the chair to their own individual comfort temperature. The result is a new level of comfort in the workplace, motivation to perform optimally – and at the same time a positive effect on energy consumption and costs. 

A synthesis of ergonomics and emotion

The control elements of the climate function and the rechargeable battery are integrated elegantly into Moteo’s seat upholstery. The flowing forms and tapered upholstery shape are characteristic of the slender, homogeneous styling of this chair.

Designer Jörg Bernauer has found a new and surprising way of combining ergonomics with emotion in the Moteo Klimastuhl. The Moteo design has received many awards already – including the red dot design award 2010, the Good Design Award 2011 and nomination for the German Design Award 2011.


Exclusive specification 

The Moteo Klimastuhl is available in an exclusive specification with a high-gloss lacquered backrest shell in black or white with superior quality leather upholstery. The leather is finely perforated so that the climate control function can achieve its full effect. Full of character and flexible in use, the Moteo Klimastuhl brings added value to any executive office or conference room. This focal point is an absolute must-have.

Incidentally: if you’re aiming for a less exclusive look, the Mera Klimastuhl offers the same functions in an attractive design with customisable configuration.



Technical specifications:

·         Cable-free rechargeable battery operation with control display, Li-Ion rechargeable battery 5200 mAh and charger supplied, charging time approx. 4 hours

·         Battery run-time up to 16 hours: battery run-time in constant operation in heating mode up to 8.5 h (Level II), ventilation mode up to 16h (Level II)

·         Intelligent “seat occupancy sensor”: the climate function switches off automatically to save energy when the user stands up

·         Dual-level controls: switch to Level II to reach the optimum temperature quickly. Reduce intensity by turning down to Level I



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