Hygge by Klöber: The art of wellbeing at work


With WOOOM, Klöber can create feel-good havens for at home and in the workplace
The LED light has a touch function for stepless dimming and colour temperature adjustment.
Welcome to the light side – WOOOM light
WOOOM light: feel-good in the Homeoffice

Owingen, November 2021. Hygge is closely associated with the unique Scandinavian lifestyle. The word comes from Norwegian and Danish, and means something along the lines of cosy, comfy or snuggly – or simply good. The fact that Scandinavians have been coming top of the table in the World Happiness Report for years, including 2021, could have something to do with the fact that they are experts in creating an environment for relaxed living and working, which means they can counter the stress of the office effectively. As an office furniture manufacturer, Klöber can always do a great job of creating a feel-good haven in the workplace and at home.

Welcome to the light side


Living and working in harmony – this balance is an essential aspect of a happy life. Relax at home and work with the WOOOM light shell chair from Klöber. Whether you’re doing your job or putting your feet up – this chair guarantees absolute comfort. The armchair features a nonwoven shell made from recycled PET bottles, with an integral reading light for you to enjoy a sense of hygge even when it’s not winter.


The dimmable LED light ensures optimum illumination of the reading area and is positioned behind your shoulder to prevent shadows. At the same time the LED modules are set deep into the backrest to avoid dazzle. The light is easy to operate, with a touch function for stepless dimming and colour temperature. However you like it: warm white, softly dimmed lighting for a hygge feel. Alternatively it can be a high-spec workspace with a bright light and cooler colour temperature if you need to focus on your work.


The power supply is attached beneath the seat with a self-aligning magnet. The premium quality LED lamp can be replaced by a service technician after a very long lifespan.



What else do you need for hygge?


The Scandinavians opt for cushions and blankets, along with accessories made from natural materials. Klöber has chosen a soft, comfy neck cushion for the WOOOM chair. For a real hygge feel, the hand-crafted cushion made from supple calf’s leather can just be draped over the back of the chair. All leather is sourced from Southern Germany and comes in two colours for chairs with fabric upholstery. If leather upholstery is selected for the WOOOM light chair, the neck pad is supplied in the same leather colour.



Made am Bodensee


Klöber office seating is manufactured locally in the Lake Constance – Bodensee – region, and used all over the world. The entire production process is in-house – from the initial design through the stages of development, prototype build, fabric cutting, sewing and upholstery, to the final assembly.


Margarete Klöber as a health chair factory, Klöber now ranks amongst the leading manufacturers of office seating in Germany. The company continues to ensure comfortable sitting and more homeliness in the workplace. Around 130 employees work at the company’s Owingen facility on the shores of Lake Constance. The portfolio includes seating for office, New Work, communication, open space, conference and management applications.