Office outfitting at ESAB

Office outfitting at ESAB

The seating requirements for the new ESAB facility in Budapest were stated as a combination of ergonomics and design that would support new working approaches. Around 240 Klöber chairs feature in this project.


ESAB is a global market leader in the production of filler metals, as well as as recognised leader in the welding and cutting industry.  The company, which was founded in 1904 in Sweden by Oscar Kjellberg, is represented almost worldwide today with more than 10,000+ employees and is owned by the Colfax Corporation.


The Hungarian site in Budapest recently moved to new premises. Their offices are modern with plenty of natural light and a variety of areas: desks for focused working alongside communication zones with meeting chairs for ad hoc gatherings or brainstorming sessions. Different seating products from Klöber have been selected to meet the needs of these individual areas. 


Chairs for different working methods


More than 230 Connex2 task chairs with mesh back provide ergonomic seating in the ESAB offices. They automatically follow the user’s movements for dynamic sitting. The only manual adjustments are seat height, seat depth and lumbar support – everything else adapts automatically.


In addition, there are some large WOOOM shell chairs that offer a luxurious work setting. They are popular as laptop workstations with a writing tablet and USB charging point, making them ideal for a moment of relaxation between tasks. The communication zones are populated with the small WOOOM model, which has armrests to ensure comfort for short meetings. This chair is made from nonwoven material that is robust yet lightweight, allowing very flexible use. Its compact design adds a sense of homeliness and a real “New Work” feel to any office.  


The introduction of WOOOM at ESAB brought with it not only functionality and design, but also sustainability and a splash of colour. The Cura upholstery fabric is a key factor here: it’s a high-performance polyester weave made from 98 per cent recycled PET bottles for optimum environmental friendliness. The covers come in a selection of fashion shades with potential for a spectrum of colour highlights, which creates a welcoming atmosphere at ESAB.

Area of use New Work
Product Connex2 task chair, WOOOM Sessel, WOOOM meeting chair, WOOOM, shell chair compact
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Country Hungary
Town/city Budapest
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Employed products

Connex2 task chair
Office swivel chair

New project team, new desk, new challenges – Connex2 makes it really easy to settle in and become productive. You sit, and your chair adapts to you. It is on standby to follow your every movement and support you in your ideal sitting position.


This is possible thanks to functions that respond automatically. The only manual adjustments are seat height, seat depth and lumbar support. So at least something always feels familiar and right despite all the changes in the workplace.


Congratulations to Connex2 for passing the environmental test “Blauer Engel”! That means Connex2 is good for the environment as well as for your health. So you can be happy while you work – in the office and at home!


The Red Dot 2020 for Connex2 with mesh back is a new addition to the portfolio of design awards: the Connex2 chair with upholstered backrest won the if Design Award and the German Design Award back in 2018.


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WOOOM Sessel

Living and working in harmony – this balance is an essential aspect of a happy life. The WOOOM shell chair creates islands of calm in an open-space office, transforms a boring boardroom into a motivational meeting zone, and makes sitting in the lounge or lobby an exciting experience. Innovative technology ensures that this shell chair feels luxurious as a workspace – with lighting, heated seat, massage function, USB charging facility and a writing tablet. For office and home.

The electronic functions are easy to control using the app. The WOOOM Light can also be operated using a touch function.



Download WOOOM App:


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WOOOM meeting chair
Meeting chair


The meeting that suddenly turns into a brainstorming session, or a conference that finishes up as an informal get-together – that’s when the WOOOM meeting chair comes into its own. It’s the perfect place to sit and relax, yet it lends a whole new quality to quick dynamic work meetings. It’s the level of comfort you get at home.

Winner of the coveted Red Dot Award 2020 for outstanding product design.


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WOOOM, shell chair compact
shell chair


Tomorrow’s workplace is opening up. Embracing new technologies and the individual. It’s becoming more dynamic, yet more comfortable. That’s exactly what the WOOOM shell chair compact models represent: relaxed rules, spontaneity and creativity. They can be used ultra-flexibly, are sustainably manufactured and inspiringly designed.


Winner of the coveted Red Dot Award 2020 for outstanding product design.


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Office outfitting at ESAB
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