Modern co-working in the Hamburger Ding

A roof terrace with a fantastic view over the Reeperbahn and Hamburg docks: that’s just one of the many highlights in the “Hamburger Ding”, a modern co-working space on the Nobistor in the St. Pauli district. Tomislav Karajica and Rolf Elgeti, founders of the Home United property brand, developed premises at the west end of the Reeperbahn to create space for around 300 modern workstations, event and fitness facilities, as well as restaurants on the ground floor. Freelancers, start-ups and business experts can achieve their own mix of work and play within this property concept. And right in there you’ll find innovative office chairs made by the Owingen-based seating manufacturer, Klöber. As a Sky Seat on the 4th floor, WOOOM facilitates a relaxed yet creative working approach, while Connex2 combines dynamic co-working with classic office flair.


The “Hamburger Ding” is an extravagant building characterised by Hanseatic understatement: the glass façade of the loggia creates an almost invisible transition between the busy feel inside the building and the city itself. The whole concept is split up into a variety of “worlds” oriented to the co-workers’ needs: the “Hamburger Ding” covers around 6500 square metres, providing plenty of space for concentrated or communication-based working. There are also many areas that can be converted easily from open lounges into separate screened-off areas as required. Under the motto “Get going and let go”, co-workers can decide whether to use the space for business, events or fitness. For instance there are workstations equipped with treadmills and ergometers, while the Sky Seat area is semi-public and accessible for both members and day visitors. With this level of customisation, the outfitting needs to fit into the concept as well, which is why Home United opted for office chairs from Klöber. With 20 WOOOM armchairs and 32 task chairs from the Connex2 range, the project developer is relying on the high quality and comfort always delivered by seating from the Owingen-based manufacturer.


WOOOM over the rooftops of Hamburg

The atmosphere on the 4th floor of the “Hamburger Ding” is reminiscent of a modern senator lounge, which combines focused working with open space design. Klöber’s new shell chair is a key player in this scenario – WOOOM is the perfect product for the Sky Seat concept. It combines the best aspects of “Work” and “Room”, offering a completely new set of options for retreat, concentration and communication: WOOOM. As a compact office or fully-equipped laptop workstation, the shell chair fits in perfectly with the co-working concept. The generous swing-out writing tray attached to the armrest is a contributory factor, too. There’s plenty of space for laptop, smartphone and notebook. Any modern device can be charged quickly via the integrated USB 2.0 port in the chair. All the electronic functions can be controlled conveniently from an iOS or Android app. This innovative feat of engineering with its heated seat and massage function underlines the cross-over between tension and relaxation at work. In addition, WOOOM’s swivel function makes it the perfect partner for a party overlooking the rooftops of Hamburg, or a small-group get-together.


Connex2 – the dynamic co-working partner

If you prefer to carry out your daily tasks at a traditional desk, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on modern co-working spaces or dynamic sitting, you’ll love the “Hamburger Ding” office space fitted out with Connex2. In today’s era of desk-sharing, co-working etc., the Connex2 adapts to the user without a fuss: there are just three levers to adjust the task chair to the individual’s body dimensions. Everything else happens almost of its own accord thanks to the specially developed functions. On top of that, the Connex2 boasts attractive looks: it won the IF Design Award as well as the German Design Award in 2018.


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Connex2 task chair
Office swivel chair

New project team, new desk, new challenges – Connex2 makes it really easy to settle in and become productive. You sit, and your chair adapts to you. It is on standby to follow your every movement and support you in your ideal sitting position.


This is possible thanks to functions that respond automatically. The only manual adjustments are seat height, seat depth and lumbar support. So at least something always feels familiar and right despite all the changes in the workplace.


Congratulations to Connex2 for passing the environmental test “Blauer Engel”! That means Connex2 is good for the environment as well as for your health. So you can be happy while you work – in the office and at home!


The Red Dot 2020 for Connex2 with mesh back is a new addition to the portfolio of design awards: the Connex2 chair with upholstered backrest won the if Design Award and the German Design Award back in 2018.


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WOOOM Sessel

Living and working in harmony – this balance is an essential aspect of a happy life. The WOOOM shell chair creates islands of calm in an open-space office, transforms a boring boardroom into a motivational meeting zone, and makes sitting in the lounge or lobby an exciting experience. Innovative technology ensures that this shell chair feels luxurious as a workspace – with lighting, heated seat, massage function, USB charging facility and a writing tablet. For office and home.

The electronic functions are easy to control using the app. The WOOOM Light can also be operated using a touch function.



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Modern co-working in the Hamburger Ding
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