Georg Reiswich

Hello, I’m Georg Reiswich.

Having trained as a metal-worker, I have been at Klöber for nine years now – so I am an expert when it comes to the production and manufacture of our office chairs. It’s really something special – after all we develop and produce almost everything ourselves here on site. Alongside my work I attend the master school to complete my advanced training as an occupational safety specialist.

When I’m not standing at the milling machine or learning for my course, I’m passionately keen on watching live football – FC Bayern of course! My favourite chair is our classic – the Duera task chair.

Leather – a science in its own right

We’ve extended the Klöber leather range exclusively for the launch of our premium seating collection Tasso 2.0. As well as pigmented and semi-aniline leather, our portfolio now includes a pure aniline leather, which is just right for this classy lounge configuration. Pure aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented?...