Klöber WOOOM Schalensessel fürs Homeoffice.

Are you sitting pretty in your home office

Lagom, hygge, sisu – and all the rest of them, the paths to happiness. Do you follow one of these lifestyle concepts and decorate your home accordingly, or are you more rational when it comes to making decisions? Regardless which type of person you are, one’s thing’s certain: if you’re considering setting up a workspace in your home, it needs to match the rest of your interior style. After all, the idea is that it should motivate you to work and not be a source of irritation in your home, isn’t that right? Office chairs in particular offer quite a few design options in terms of colour and form, and they have a huge influence on comfort in your home office thanks to a wide range of functions. Find out which chair might be right for you here.

Make your workspace look stunning

Do you like something unusual and classy? Do you think details make all the difference? Are you keen on bold colours? Furniture’s more than a utility object to you. It needs to look impressive and you’re not averse to it being a focal point. Well, we’ve got the answer! Our ConWork office chair ticks all the boxes for looks, feel and design. ConWork comes in a selection of colours and various top-quality upholstery materials like nappa leather and wool, as well as resource-saving recycled materials, giving you almost infinite design possibilities. Diamond stitching, a wood-effect backrest – you can have whatever you fancy! And of course ConWork doesn’t just look good. The seat cushion is 6 centimetres thick for a really comfy sitting experience without compromising on ergonomics. So come on – here’s some inspiration to help you design your new favourite place exactly how you want it!

Klöber ConWork Bürostuhl mit ausgefallenem Muster

Do you like original patterns? You can have them with the ConWork chair from Klöber.

The everywhere chair

Ensuring flexibility is the top priority for many people these days. That’s reflected in home furnishing. If it makes you happy to have furniture that suits your living situation, then the Mera office chair is just the thing for you. This chair blends into any living environment: it features slim armrests and a low backrest for a classic minimalist look, combining timeless style with optimum sitting comfort. What if your home isn’t big enough for a separate office with its own desk? No problem! The Mera visitor swivel chair is height adjustable so it looks great even at the dining table. And with an upright posture and backrest support you’re fit to tackle the day-to-day office routine from your own home, even if you are setting up your workspace step by step. If you’d like to know how to design your home office so that it functions as an ergonomic unit, here are a few tips from us.

Klöber Mera Besucher-Drehstühle am Besprechungstisch im Industriestil-Büro

The Mera chair family by Klöber is a welcome addition to any workstation.

Work-life balance with laptop and massage

Always at the cutting edge of technology, with a penchant for functional and unusual gadgets, as well as a love of luxury – does that describe you? If you don’t need a full-sized desk because you’re just spending a few hours on your laptop – have you considered our WOOOM shell chair? It’s got plenty to offer: a swing-out writing tablet for your laptop, a USB port and an LED reading lamp, making this free-standing chair an ideal modern working space for any room. And that’s not all – thanks to the heated seat and massage function, WOOOM can provide relaxation at the touch of a button. Your friends will love this chair too. Incidentally, the soft seat shell is made of formed felt, which is derived from recycled PET – so WOOOM scores points on the sustainability front as well. Want to find out more? Clickhere to take a closer look at WOOOM.

Klöber WOOOM Sessel in einem Wohn- und Arbeitszimmer

Made by Klöber: WOOOM – a symbiosis of living and working, Work & Room.

Home office for professionals

When you love your job and spend all day sitting at your desk, so that the mere sight of a task chair motivates you to start your working day? The fact that you spend most of your work time in a chair is all the more reason not to compromise when it comes to ergonomics. We’d recommend:Connex2. This office chair offers several functions: the seat moves flexibly forward and to the side, allowing free movement of the hips and lower back. The support integrated into the backrest adapts optimally to the S-shaped spinal curvature and follows every movement actively. Despite being unparalleled in terms of functionality, Connex2 is right on the money for looks too – making it especially suitable for the home office. It has won multiple awards, including the Red Dot Award 2020, so Connex2 is also the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates attractive design. One eye-catching feature for instance is the mesh back with skeleton structure, or alternatively it’s available with an upholstered backrest.

Klöber Connex2 am Heimarbeitsplatz

The Connex2 task chair by Klöber is both stylish and functional, making it very popular with professionals who work from home.

Sitting pretty in your home office

So – have you thought which chair would be most suitable for your home office? Whether your home is styled to a Scandi, classic or retro theme – you’re sure to find a chair that matches your décor and makes you feel happy. If you’d like to take another look at an overview of all the chairs – just visit our Klöber Home Office web page.

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