Klimatechnologie im Bürostuhl

For optimum climate in your office at home

At the moment, many organisations have set up the infrastructure for employees to work from home. Home offices and mobile working are increasingly becoming the focus of public discussion. This can be viewed as a positive indicator for mobile workers – after all personal health and wellbeing become more important as a result. Discussions range from providing  ergonomic working equipment to logging working hours.

According to estimates in an article on “die Welt online” dated April, 26th , the number of employees working from home has risen from 12% to 25% during the corona crisis.

But whichever way the public perspective develops, one thing’s certain: working from home will become even more entrenched as a key aspect of our work culture.

In most cases, working from home means mobile working. The difference is that the employer is not obliged to provide furniture and ergonomic office chairs. So it’s up to each individual employee to take responsibility for their own personal health and wellbeing.

Homeoffice bei Klöber

Homeoffice by Klöber (source: pixabay Bellahu123)

Innovation in the home

Here at Klöber we’ve developed an office chair that’s perfectly suited to working from home and offers a very special benefit: thanks to its innovative climate technology, the ergonomic Mera chair features heating as well as ventilation, offering real added value whatever the temperature. It supports healthy ergonomic sitting, as well as maximising efficiency and comfort as you work. An optimum temperature is particularly important to achieve these two factors. Since the Mera ‘Klimastuhl’ chair can heat and ventilate, it ensures that working conditions are ideal – regardless of the ambient temperature.

Klimastuhl Mera by Klöber

Not too warm, not too cold

Overheated penthouse apartments, rooms without air-conditioning, or the noisy, unhealthy blast of a ventilator – the Mera chair’s climate technology puts paid to all these issues.

This climate technology allows you to set the seat and backrest to your preferred temperature – all year round: the heating function has a maximum setting of 37 degrees, which is the normal human body temperature. The ventilation function directs excess heat away from the body. This has a cooling effect. Cool or warm depending on your needs – set to your individual preferred comfort temperature, Mera guarantees better concentration and efficiency. An additional benefit: the rechargeable ‘Klimastuhl’ only activates the ventilation or heating when required. As soon as you stand up, the climate function turns off.

 Find more information here: link to Klimastuhl landing page

Bürostuhl mit Sitzheizung

Heating air conditioning technology

Bürostuhl mit Kühlung

Cool air conditioning technology

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