kleiner WOOOM

A new WOOOM to put a twinkle in your eyes!

We’re proud to be kicking off a new chapter in terms of design:

May we introduce… the little WOOOM

a new addition to our popular WOOOM family. Simple and elegant in design yet with highly versatile configuration potential, it makes a good impression in any room.

Little WOOOM, big effect

WOOOM? That’s right! It’s the shell chair that caused a bit of a stir in the industry last year! The WOOOM concept is our answer to the new requirements of the modern workplace – a combination of “Work” (in other words office outfitting that creates a practical working environment) and “Room” (a homely feel to promote creativity). So the successor to the big WOOOM, a thoughtfully designed mini-office that has attracted quite a fan club, is the little WOOOM – a low shell chair.

Symbiosis of work, life and environment

We gave special consideration to two factors in the design of the little WOOOM as well: the changing workplace, and conservation of resources. We see the chair as the perfect interface between people, technological innovation and the space surrounding them. You see, the more communication-driven the workplace is, the more the boundaries between work and home are blurred. But we haven’t forgotten the environment this time either, and we’ve used a sustainable nonwoven material for the seat shell. It can contain up to 60 per cent reclaimed polyester fibre from PET bottles, and – if it ever gets to that point – it is 100% recyclable.

WOOOM im Restaurant

The little WOOOM is the ideal counterpart to the big WOOOM, and can be used flexibly.

WOOOM beim Wine and Dine

Fine dine or creative work space – the little WOOOM does it all.

It looks great – in the office or the dining room

Visually the little WOOOM is attractive-looking with its cantilever structure and clean lines. A selection of shell and base options along with a slim stature make this seat ideal for open space offices, lobbies, lounges and restaurants – as well as in the home. 
The little WOOOM gives its environment a communicative, creative vibe – with plenty of style and an environmental conscience.

WOOOM klein mit Holzgestell

Little WOOOM: the wood effect base is particularly homely (beech natural, beech black or oak).

Now you’ll understand why we’re so proud of our little one!

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