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3 tips to help you enjoy work more

No more frustration at work!

We reveal how to bring more joy to your workplace, increasing efficiency and creativity as a result. Love, passion, fear or rage: emotions have a crucial bearing on our lives – not just in private but at work as well. Frustration, stress or upset have a negative effect on our ability to concentrate and make us unhappy.

The consequence of this in our daily work routine is that people experiencing more negative emotions than positive ones have fewer ambitions when it comes to carrying out their duties properly and quickly. Happy people on the other hand are sick less frequently, enjoy working more and are more productive.

But how can employees and employers achieve more satisfaction? For motivational speaker and trainer Aurélie Collet, joy is the solution. The self-declared alchemist of joy hails from France, and she explains how everyone else can achieve this at conferences, lectures and in her blog. As she sees it, joy is the key to more life energy. If you feel joy, you sit up straight and feel like dancing, singing and, well, working.

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Spaß an der Arbeit

Simply create an atmosphere of wellbeing in the office

According to ANACT (National Agency for the Improvement of Work Conditions), Quality of Life at Work (QWL) can be interpreted as a feeling of wellbeing in the workplace. Key factors in this include atmosphere, corporate culture, level of interest in the job, fairness, appreciation of the work – and of course the workstation.

The basis of workstation wellbeing is an ergonomic office chair. After all, the majority of us spend most of the day sitting at a desk. Klöber office swivel chairs were developed for healthy, dynamic sitting. Innovative functions and customisable settings turn your office chair into a feel-good object, regardless of the model! Attractive designs and a variety of colours create visual highlights, for example ConWork, in the same way that plants or a personal photo are part of an office in which people enjoy working.

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Multifunktionaler Sessel von Klöber

What else can you do to bring joy into your job or your company?

We’ve summarised 3 tips from Aurélie Collet:

  1. Self-knowledge
  2. According to Collet, self-knowledge is essential: if you know who you are, what suits you and what you feel passionate about, you’ll feel at one with everything. A company can help someone to free themselves of upsetting thoughts and fears, for instance through individual coaching.
  3. Frustration is part of life, what matters is how you handle it. Collet recommends an exercise called Happy Flow, which makes it easier to deal with moments like this. It’s quite easy: find a quiet place and close your eyes. Think of a happy event. Relive it again! Your body will experience the positive emotions afresh and release feel-good hormones.
  4. Laugh more, even in the office! When people laugh together, they work better together. Laugh as soon as you feel stressed. The thing is, the brain can’t tell the difference between real and pretend laughter. If you laugh or smile, your body automatically releases feel-good hormones. Incidentally – a minute of laughter is equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation! What are you waiting for?

With this in mind, enjoy your work!

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