WOOOM just landed in the Hamburger Ding

Coworking in the Hamburger Ding is much more than just working together. At the west end of the Reeperbahn, Home United – the developer and operator of this project – has created what they term “the coolest co-working space in the Kiez district”. Around 300 workstations have been created over five floors of inspirational office space, and there are also areas for networking, partying and fitness training. And right in there you’ll find our new star product WOOOM, as well as everyone’s dynamic favourite, Connex2. A whopping 20 WOOOM shell chairs and 32 Connex2 chairs are now part of this innovative co-working concept.


They’ve created a variety of environments under the motto “Get going and let go” at the Hamburger Ding on the Nobistor: focused or communicative working, meetings and events, business and parties, fitness and leisure – co-workers can mix business with pleasure with around 6500 square metres at their disposal. Each zone in the Hamburger Ding has its own design concept with an individual atmosphere, and all of these zones perfectly fit the overall concept of #coolworking. For example there are even workstations that feature treadmills and ergometers.



Our new shell chair is equally adaptable, in fact it seems as though it’s made for the Hamburger Ding. It combines the best aspects of “Work” and “Room”, offering a whole new potential for retreat, concentration and communication. As the Sky Seat on the 4th floor, WOOOM facilitates a relaxed yet creative working approach – the workstation’s swivel function makes it the perfect partner for a party overlooking the rooftops of Hamburg, or a small-group get-together in the atmosphere of a modern senator lounge. There are also many areas that can be converted easily from open lounges into separate screened-off areas as required.


Home United’s decision in favour of WOOOM is an investment in the quality, comfort and ergonomic functionality of our seating.


Relaxed working in the compact office

As a “compact office” and fully-equipped laptop workstation, the boardroom chair fits in perfectly with the co-working concept. This is helped by the generously proportioned swing-out writing tray attached to the armrest. There’s plenty of space for laptop, phone and notebook. Any modern device can be charged quickly via the integrated USB 2.0 port integrated into the chair. All the electronic functions can be controlled conveniently from an iOS or Android app.

But WOOM can do more than that: the seat heating allows the seat and backrest temperature to be regulated individually. There’s a three-zone massage function for relaxation: four settings control the intensity for the upper and central back, as well as the lumbar region. Who knew work could be that relaxing?


Connex2 – the dynamic co-working partner

If you prefer to carry out your daily tasks at a traditional desk, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on modern co-working spaces or dynamic sitting, you’ll love the Hamburger Ding office space outfitted with Connex2. In today’s era of desk-sharing, co-working etc., our Connex2 adapts to the user without a fuss: there are just three levers to adjust the task chair to the individual’s body dimensions. Everything else happens almost of its own accord thanks to the specially developed functions. On top of that, the Connex2 boasts attractive looks: it won the IF Design Award as well as the German Design Award in 2018.


Connex2 unites dynamic co-working with classic workstations in the Hamburger Ding.


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Kathrin Schreiber
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