Minimalism in the office: 5 tips for more productivity

We’ve already told you in the past how important the external factors in the workplace are, for example in our blog about room climate. Tidiness plays a key role too, because a tidy office encourages concentration and productivity. As is so often the case: less is more! With our five tips for a minimalist workstation it’s easy to create and maintain order. 

At the latest when the documents on your desk pile up to resemble a small mountain range, with a stack of files in every corner, it’s time to tidy up. Even better, don’t let it get that bad in the first place. Too much of anything distracts your attention. If you keep your desk minimalist, you can benefit from more time and creativity because you aren’t confused by unnecessary things.


1. Discard

Tidying up always starts with discarding. Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, who has even had her own Netflix show since the start of this year,  recommends: discard quickly and by category, and only keep things that spark joy. In the office you should also ask yourself what you need. I suggest not hoarding multiple items where one would do. For example one biro, one marker pen, one fountain pen and a pencil is adequate where stationery is concerned. You can get rid of everything else! And the same applies to furniture: a few high quality, well-designed pieces are more effective than too many elements. A good example of this is the Klöber Connex2 office chair, which has been a huge hit thanks to its purist design and straightforward operation.

Well-designed and purist: with its clean look and straightforward operation, Connex2 is perfect for the minimalist office.


2. Digitise

Obviously you have to keep important documents and correspondence in the office. But do you really need a paper copy of everything? Much of what piles up on your desk can be digitised. Incidentally that also applies to to-do lists and notes from your last meeting. In all honesty – you spend all your time hunting for loose pages anyway.

Do you really need all your stationery on your desk?


3. De-junk your PC

If you digitise more, it’s more important than ever to tidy up your computer regularly as well. Delete all files you no longer need. Invest time in creating a proper folder and file structure. Then you will be able to find all the documents you need quickly using the standard search functions. Incidentally the same goes for your desk: limit yourself to what you really need. Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t leave things lying around anymore. But essentials only please!


4. Empty your inbox

An overflowing email inbox is distracting too, and serves as a constant reminder of unfinished tasks that are hanging over you. So here’s my tip: clear out your inbox as painstakingly as your desk. Answer messages immediately if possible, don’t put it off until later! The best thing to do with messages that need to be kept is to archive them. Anything that’s not relevant can be deleted straight away.


5. Take a break

Whether you’re tidying or working – breaks are part of it, and they are important for topping up new strength and energy. Be minimalistic in the lunchbreak too, and concentrate on essentials. That means no more strategic lunches and quick snacks at your desk. Instead, enjoy your healthy, light food or get out in the fresh air for fifteen minutes.


I hope these tips will help you feel more comfortable at work – we wish you lots of fun trying them out!

Kathrin Schreiber
  • Simba71
    Reply 22. March 2019 at 13:52

    Schöner Beitrag. Solange die Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz stimmt ist Minimalismus normalerweise wirklich produktiv. Wenn man nur halb so lange sucht, schafft man doppelt so viel… .;)

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