The Moteo Klimastuhl – a leader amongst office chairs

Rapid changes in the workplace, such as new working models, coworking, New Work etc., require constancy from the management. Not the managers we know from the “old work” format, but true leaders. But what makes top-level leaders stand out from the rest? I did some research, and I’m going to share it with you.

Modern managers are also referred to as leaders

The following character traits mark out a true leader:

1. Soft skills:

These days, managers need real coaching skills. Specialist knowledge alone is not sufficient. They need to be able to attract, develop and manage people.


2. Teamwork is everything:

Today’s manager has to keep pace with the rate at which things are changing in the world outside that company. A good leader is aware of the strengths of his team members, and is able to utilise them individually and encourage them in the long term. Motivation, creativity, appreciation and feedback can also help to channel employees’ energy and reinforce their trust in each other.


3. Leader = self-confidence:

A leader and his team always follow a mission, in which everyone gives their best even though they never know what the ultimate goal of the project is supposed to be. The leader has to be able to handle any knockbacks, changes and obstacles in a constructive way, without losing sight of the actual objective. The leader is at the centre of the team. The flat hierarchy and open space office concept make it easy to forget that they are in the position of role model and manager.


Office furniture with a role model function

You still see them in traditional office structures: management, executive or leader offices. However the furnishing concept has changed compared with the way things used to be: minimalist, elegant and representative are descriptions that could be applied to the management office of today.


The office chair reflects the sitter’s status.

The office chair reflects the sitter’s status.


Limousine-style luxury at your desk

The Moteo Style task chair with climate technology is the leader for leaders. Elegant, self-assured and imposing, it’s the perfect choice for any minimalist office. The design of the Moteo chair has already received multiple awards. The exclusive specification with a high-gloss lacquered backrest is available in either black or white.



The Moteo Klimastuhl – an impressive specification!

The Moteo Klimastuhl – an impressive specification!


The high-quality premium upholstery on the seat and backrest is in finest perforated leather, which allows the climate function to achieve its full potential. It guarantees all-day comfort at your desk: as with the heated seat in a luxury car, the user can set the chair temperature to either “heating” or “ventilation” – simply by pressing a button! This leaves sitters free to focus on their work.


Looks good and ensures a good atmosphere in the workplace!

Looks good and ensures a good atmosphere in the workplace!


Incidentally – since the Moteo Klimastuhl Moteo transfers the temperature directly to the body via an efficient means, it can help save heating and energy costs. So it really is a leader.

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