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Ten tips for hot days in the office

When the thermometer breaks through the 30-degree mark, it’s sometimes difficult for employees to concentrate or stay motivated. The proper use of the resources on hand, a few simple changes to the daily routine and our Klöber Klimastuhl® can all help to make summer in the office the best it can be.

1. Hot tips for the office: Continue using blinds even after the office has closed

On long, hot summer days in particular, it is important that blinds remain closed not only while people are working, but also at night and at the weekend. Letting employees know that they should remain closed will help keep the office from getting too warm.

2. Hot tips for the office: Keep windows and doors closed during the day

On extremely hot days, windows and doors should remain closed if at all possible, as the cooler morning air is usually gone by 10 a.m. As a result, it is a good idea to ask either the caretaker or an early riser among the staff to air the office in the early morning, so that the remaining hours of the working day can be spent with closed, shaded windows. In this way, the room temperature will remain pleasantly cool for quite some time.

3. Hot tips for the office: Air conditioning or fans?

When choosing between air conditioning and fans, it is important to consider the situation carefully. Air conditioning systems use a great deal of energy, and these power-hungry units are often responsible for employees getting colds during the summer months. A temperature difference of more than five or six degrees between indoors and outdoors – such as is often found with air conditioning systems that are set too cool – is also bad for the circulation. Fans are a more suitable option. These are cheaper to purchase, and offer pleasant ventilation without drastically lowering the temperature.

4. Hot tips for the office: Individual temperature control thanks to the Klöber Klimastuhl

In the event that employees are getting sore throats as a result of the air conditioning or stiff necks due to draughts from the fans, our Klöber Klimastuhl offers an excellent alternative. This chair’s innovative “Ventilation” function ensures that the seat and backrest retain a pleasant temperature even on hot summer days, making that unpleasant feeling of sweaty clothing against the skin a near impossibility. The Klöber Klimastuhl is also a worthwhile acquisition in terms of saving energy, as the cooler temperature is delivered directly to the body of the person using it, ensuring that the cooling effect is felt where it is needed most: by the employees.

5. Hot tips for the office: Leave electrical devices turned off whenever possible

Printers, scanners, fax machines: Electrical devices that are constantly turned on use a great deal of energy and are expensive – not to mention the fact that they also drive up the room temperature. A review of the devices within the office can help determine which ones are really needed throughout the day, and which aren’t. And those that aren’t can be turned off – at least for part of the time.

6. Hot tips for the office: Offer flexitime arrangements

When temperatures over 30 degrees are forecast, it is worthwhile motivating your employees by offering them seasonal flexitime working arrangements. Combining an earlier start to the day with earlier quitting times or extra-long lunch breaks modelled on siestas in Mediterranean countries are very popular measures.

7. Hot tips for the office: Relaxing the dress code

If there are no appointments scheduled, there is usually no reason for not relaxing the dress code. Men’s jackets and ties can restrict movement and can be replaced by short-sleeve shirts, while women can replace closed shoes with open sandals in order to help cool off. People are usually thankful when their employers compromise to increase their comfort.

8. Hot tips for the office: Provide beverages

Managers who provide their employees with water and juice during the hot summer months benefit twice over: Not only does keeping the body’s fluids in proper balance help employees concentrate while they work, but this nice gesture also has a positive impact on the mood and attitude of many employees. Remember, however, that caffeinated beverages should be avoided if at all possible on hot days as they can cause people to sweat and put a strain on the circulation.

9. Hot tips for the office: Ice-cold surprise

Surprising your employees with ice cream? A very good idea. A little ice cream break among colleagues can help create a positive atmosphere on tropical days, and when it’s over, people are able to return to work with fresh energy.

10. Hot tips for the office: Summery after-work events

Shared activities in the evening hours can help engender long-lasting motivation during hot periods. A visit to a beer garden or an evening barbecue with the entire team increases team spirit and leads to shared memories.



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