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Dear Readers,

We’re in the process of bringing new momentum to the office. The market launch of our latest family member, the Klöber Klimastuhl, is just a few weeks away. But now it gives me particular pleasure to introduce the next highlight from the Klöber stable. No, for once I’m not talking about an office chair. It’s the start of our very first blog – the Klöber Blog.


With three exciting categories and a new post every week, we’ll be aiming to give readers a chance to experience the world of Klöber through our blog. We’ll explain what we do, as well as showing you the trends and themes that concern and motivate us.

In the “Office life” category, everything focusses on the theme of working. Here, we will take a look at new products and developments within the industry, the latest studies and analyses, but also the problems and challenges we need to face now and in the future: What will the office of the future look like? How will demographic change influence our professional routine? What tips and tricks are there to help us become more productive, efficient and perhaps even more creative? These ideas for your day-to-day work life and other exciting topics are just waiting to be discovered.

“In detail” – the clue’s in the name with the second category. You see, we’re very specific about this one: from exciting design and development stories, through checklists, right down to interesting details about all aspects of office seating. We demonstrate why a genuine Klöber is a cut above the rest, as well as showing you the new materials, functions and solutions we use to advance the development of our products. Always in focus – our core themes: quality, design, innovation and function.

Finally in the “Insights” category we offer you a glimpse over our shoulder – a highly exclusive one, of course. We take you behind the scenes and let you have a peek at our development and production departments. You’ll also find reports on exhibitions and events, or personal interviews with our employees – all with the aim of helping you get to know the company better.

Who are we?

The Klöber team of authors is made up of people from different areas of the company: marketing specialist Sarah Reichle is new to the Klöber team, but she has in-depth knowledge of the latest office trends, so she will mostly be writing for the “Office life” category. Our designer Jörg Bernauer will let you into a few secrets in the “In detail” category – for instance how he has been a part of the design and development process of various chairs, and his interpretation of design style. Georg Reiswich from prototype and fixture construction is well-versed with every stage of production and manufacturing. He will play a leading role in our blog series “Stages in the life of an office chair”. Laura Wenzel travels around North Rhine-Westphalia on behalf of Klöber in her role as regional sales manager. Thanks to her face-to-face experience with customers and dealers, she knows exactly what matters when it comes to the perfect office chair. She also offers some insight into her work “on the road” in the blog. I’m Brian Boyd, Managing Director of Klöber GmbH. From time to time I’ll be taking a look at the working world, trends and our own industry, and focus on the themes we are currently concerned with at Klöber.

But as we don’t wish to show everything purely from a Klöber perspective, we’ll also include interviews and guest articles by various collaborators on a regular basis, which will provide us with alternative views.

And here’s the most important bit: the Klöber Blog needs your input to make it work. So we look forward to an active exchange of ideas and opinions, questions and answers – and of course we’re always open to suggestions and requests for themes!



Kathrin Schreiber
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