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A case for WOOOM: sustainable bank wants recyclable interior 

Colourful highlights, a variety of working areas – the new workstations at the Dutch Development Bank are perfect for agile working. But the interior furnishings need to be more than simply good-looking. Every item of furniture had to meet stringent sustainability criteria. The WOOOM shell chair by Klöber meets these high standards easily, and has now been used to provide 50 workspaces with seating.

Gone are the days when offices in banks had to be gloomy and grey – New Work workstations are taking over in this sector as well. For instance here, at the Development Bank in Den Haag: the Dutch Development Bank is on a mission to invest in sustainable products. This supports the 17 sustainable development goals formulated by the United Nations, which apply globally. For example: no poverty, clean water and sanitation, quality education in developing countries, and climate action. Since the organisation has grown considerably in recent years, the existing premises had to be redesigned and additional offices created in an adjacent building to increase capacity. The renovation was a unique challenge for the interior architects from Rever Interieurprojecten who were commissioned for the project: the bank’s specification stated that all aspects of the facility should reflect sustainability – and factor in the requirements of New Work. To fulfil this brief, five out of the six floors, as well as the rented premises, were given a new concept and design. The project encompassed a total floor area of 9000 square metres altogether.


Telling a story through interior design

Modern working methods call for workplaces that are need-oriented and flexible. This means that from now on the employees at the Development Bank no longer have desks of their own, but instead they can select a workstation suitable for the activity. In the bank’s main building there are now three different zones spread across each of the five upper levels: meeting rooms for teamwork, individual workstations and a library for focused working, as well as a social area with lounge furniture and a cafeteria. Each level has an identical structure. What differentiates them is their individual accent colour. One purpose of this is to support orientation in the building – but an additional role is its representation of a defined sustainability goal. But more to the point, these room colours reflect the official logos for the sustainable development goals. How clever is that? This is how a story can be told through interior design.


WOOOM meets all the criteria

The criteria required of the new furniture were particularly stringent: it had to be attractively designed and suitable for the requirements of a modern work culture, as well as being sustainable. “We checked all material decisions meticulously. We asked ourselves: can we reuse any materials from the old office? Can new items of furniture be recycled, or are they recycled products already?” said interior architect Chris Hiep. With a seat shell made from reconstituted plastic that’s 100% recycling-compatible, the large WOOOM shell chair fulfils precisely these criteria. Furthermore the stylish chair provides optimum conditions for agile working. It comes with a writing tablet, USB port and reading light, making it the most sought-after workspace in the bank.


Even more WOOOM

WOOOM workspaces are available on every level – complementing the desk-based workstations and also furnishing meeting rooms, where they are used to create open communication-oriented zones. Because the product meets stringent sustainability and flexibility criteria, the Dutch banking district has received it with a “hartelijk welkom” – “warm welcome”. Have a look at our blog for even more examples in which WOOOM is a popular choice.



Photos: Rever Interieurprojecten

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WOOOM Sessel

New seating environments
Just imagine: An island of calm in an open space office. An informal meeting zone at boardroom level. A dialogue area with wow factor. A high-end solution for lounge and lobby. And now imagine: All of that rolled together in one chair: the WOOOM. The considerations that resulted in this new, innovative chair solution are incredibly simple. On one side of the balance, inspiration is fuelled bya homely feel and a need for privacy. On the other side, conventional office outfitting provides a practical workspace. WOOOM brings both worlds together. By combining relaxed, focused working with cutting-edge functions – for maximum efficiency and an all-new level of comfort.


From desk-based working to control centre

The WOOOM – with or without the “wings” – contains state-of-the-art technology. It turns a classic reading chair into a versatile workstation with a writing tablet, light, USB port, heated seat and massage option. The electronic functions are easy to control via phone app. This technology does you good and really motivates.


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